Saturday, November 14, 2009

target 11/15-11/21

here's the target ad from hot coupon world.
scroll thru for the deals!
housewife hacks
stretching a buck

apparently, target has changed the rules for price matching :(
i think the leapfrog catepillar pushed 'em over the edge! read the forum at HCW.

pepsi, pineapples, and winetags

took a trip to harris teeter in davidson this morning.
here's some valuable info for you!

pepsi 12 packs bogof at davidson ($3)
pepsi 4/$10 in mooresville ($2.50)

today, harris teeter had the del monte gold fresh pineapple.
75¢/1 coupons for these come out now and then.
in the past, the fresh pineapples were dole brand.

finally, keep your eyes peeled for coupons and special offers with the holidays coming.
i found "$1.25/any 3" coupons for jello/baker's chocolate/cream cheese (near the gladware display close to the wine), and lots of wine tags with coupons for nuts, cheese, shrimp, beef, and turkey. most say "no wine purchase necessary"!

happy shopping :)

gifts that give more

global girlfriend is a part of, a wonderful shopping choice you can make this holiday season.
there are other areas too...
the hunger site
the literacy site
the breast cancer site
the child health site
the animal rescue site
and more...

The GreaterGood Network of websites offer the public a unique opportunity to support causes they care about at no cost to them.

Each person's daily click on the Click To Give™ sites displays sponsor advertising. One hundred percent (100%) of sponsor advertising is paid as a royalty to charity through the non-profit, tax-exempt

Supporters can also contribute directly to charity by purchasing Gifts that Give More™, where one hundred percent (100%) of their donation is given to charity, or by purchasing one of the 4500+ products that we carry, including jewelry, apparel, and gifts. There is a charity royalty of from 5-30% paid on every item purchased from any of the GreaterGood Network's online stores.

In fiscal year 2007, the GreaterGood Network gave over $1.7 million to charity, nearly 7 times our after-tax profit.

take a look around for some interesting gifts (many inexpensive!) for yourself or those you love. look for some trendy teen items. and feel good about shopping. i ordered some things from greater good last year and they were all wonderful. and excellent customer service too.

walmart candles and cantaloupes

walmart currently has a big display of glade candles on rollback for $2.25.
i really like these little candles. they burn about 3 hours, have a wonderful smell, and i feel like they are really safe because you burn them in the tin holder.
open up those little tin candle holders and you may find inside a $1.50/1 coupon!
this coupon can be used on the tin or the refills.
or go here to print some coupons.
(you have to fill in your address below the coupons)
buy 3 and submit for the SC johnson $5 rebate!
you can do this rebate 3 times before 7/15/2010.

also kim emailed me and said she found some nice cantaloupes for 98¢.
i'm gonna have to go back...
thanks kim!

oh, and butter is still $1.50 :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

target leap frog alphabet pal 49¢

with target's price matching policy, you can get this toy super cheap.
read clipper girls post here.

we got the target coupons in the paper sunday.
and the toys r us sale ad was in today's charlotte observer.

you may want to print target's price matching policy and take it with you.

and don't forget to take your reusable bag to save another 5¢!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

free photo cards (expires 11/30)

check this out.
50 free cards. read thru the forum for more details.

organic valley coupons and contest

Fill out the form to receive $10 in coupons in a special-edition Rootstock magazine.
You'll be entered to win a year of free Organic Valley products,
and a chance to have a donation made in your name to your store's local food pantry!
and here's some games for the kids.

no spend challenge final thoughts

we'll we didn't quite make it a whole month.
28 days, i think.
we spent about $42 a week on milk and necessities.
and $25 on gas per week.

here are top ten things i learned...

1-starbucks is about more than a cup of coffee.
it's relationships, it's memories.
for my DH and my DD, this is "their thing". they get all happy when walking around target with that warm cup o' joe. i still remember my daddy taking me to the candy counter when i was a little girl. those few ounces of chocolates with white sprinkles in that paper bag. i'm tearing up. okay, let's move on.

2-$3 wine from walmart is excellent.

3-eating food already made is so boring. we were eating a lot of meals like chicken, rice, frozen vegetable. beef, mac and cheese, and canned vegetable. i think from now on, i'm going to concentrate on stockpiling ingredients, and not prepared food.
of course, picky eater DS loved it!

4-i need to cook for my sanity. chopping, stirring, researching recipes, trying new stuff, that's what i love. that's who i am.

5-too much processed food (and lets face it, that's mostly what you can stockpile) can mess up your digestive system. i'll just leave it at that.

6-I DO NOT like ragu pasta sauce, marie callendar's frozen meals, canned biscuits, bagged iceburg lettuce, most frozen vegetable medleys, or sunny delight smoothie juice. in other words, just cause it's free, don't feel like you HAVE to bring it home.

7-if you really want to show me some love, gift me with a piece of fresh produce.

8-it's nice to know that it can be done if you have to. that the supplies are there if you can't afford to go shopping or if you are sick or something.

9-DH was proud of me/us, but also annoyed that i asked him everyday "did you spend any money?"

10-i don't think i'll be having another
"no spend month" for a while.
at least not on purpose.

coupon inserts for this sunday 11/15

here's southern savers list of this sunday's coupons.

$1.10/1 progresso high fiber soup

go here for a $1.10/1 coupon for progresso high fiber soup, on sale this week at HT bogo (or $1.34 each)!
my DD loves this new soup, they have 4 varieties, 3 which are vegetarian.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

glade candle deals

read clipper girl's post on getting some cheap candles.

food lion 11/11-11/17

food lion ad for this week...
a full cup (shopping list)
southern savers
peter pan's frugal musings (not sure if our store is having this $1 sale, it's not in the paper, but go prepared!)

pick up a flyer as you go in, they are near the sale ads.
i think peter pan (see above) has done most of the match-ups, but other notables are:
daisy sour cream $1
coconut 89¢
food lion stuffing mix 90¢
white rain body wash $1

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

jenny's must have coupons

go here to read jenny's post on some great coupons.
i like the soup one!

food lion kraft cheese catalina until 5/8/2010

this from PHmom at hot coupon world:

I got this catalina today and it is pretty awesome (when combined with sales and coupons, of course) so I am giving it it's own thread!

It does not give a start date so I guess it has already started but it runs all the way through May 8th 2010!!

Spend $20 on any Kraft cheese or dairy products and received a $2 grocery coupon. Purchases can be made over multiple shopping trips. I am guessing this is tied to your MVP card so they can track the purchases as well as how many coupons you receive (there is a limit of 25).

Participating brands:

Kraft singles
Kraft Natural cheese (shreds, chunk, snacking, slices)
Philadelphia cream cheese
Kraft deli fresh natural slices
Kraft deli deluxe slices
Polly-O cheese (string, mozzarella, and ricotta)
Cracker Barrel cheese
Digiorno cheese
Athenos feta
Breakstone cottage cheese and sour cream
Knudseon cottage cheese and sour cream
Kraft dips
Kraft grated parmesan
Cheeze Whiz

Small print:

After each $20 purchase requirement is met, grocery coupon will be delivered at checkout printer within one week. Limit 25 grocery coupons per participant.

harris teeter scotties tissue

the harris teeter triple deals just keep coming.
scotties facial tissue on sale for $1.39
or you can get the BIG box for $2.59.
go here to print a 50¢/1 coupon (make sure you answer yes to being a regular user, otherwise you will get a $1 coupon).
final price free-$1.09
thanks to Nice1704 from hotcouponworld.

if you have time, you can scroll through all 13 pages of the good deals post!

target 11/8-11/14

here's the target deals this week!
krazy coupon lady
deal seeking mom (free wipes!)
deal seeking mom (pepperidge farm cookies)
brandy's big bargains

TARGET TOY DEALS (common sense with money)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

harris teeter new deals with 11/8 coupons

new savings with today's coupons!

from the SS (smartsource)

alouette cheese crumbles (i got goat cheese and blue cheese)
on sale 3.49 and 2.99
50¢/1 coupon tripled
final price 1.49-1.99

more yeast strip coupons if you want/need them.
free after coupon and get 50¢ off your next order.

international delight coffee creamer
on sale 1.49
free after 55¢ coupon tripled.

texas toast croutons $1.59
50¢/1 coupon tripled
final price 9¢

and in the red plum (RP)

eagle brand sweetened condensed milk $1.99
55¢/1 tripled
final price 34¢

cinnabon bars $2.29
55¢ coupon tripled
final price 64¢

martha white muffin mixes bogof
55¢/2 coupon tripled
2 for free

that's what i got, what did you find?