Friday, October 2, 2009

no spend challenge day two

today was so much better.
we had the birthday party for DS.
he wanted chicken and pasta, recipe here.
since food lion had such a great price on chicken, i decided to buy some.
i had a $5 off coupon from doing a healthy accents deal.
buy any healthy accents products
spend $5-9.99 get $1 oyno
spend $10-14.99 get $2.50 oyno
spend $15 or more get $5 oyno
so i go in and scan my card at the coupon kiosk near the door.
i got a coupon good for $1 off my order today!
so, i was able to purchase enough chicken for dinner tonight (13 people) for only 54¢ after coupons!!!!!
used pasta, salad dressing, cheese, plates, cups, napkins, forks, coffee, tea, lemonade, and brownie mix that i already had.
MIL brought green beans, and SIL brought garlic bread. fun times :)

mccormick spices update

my friend E checked the prices on the spices at walmart. nothing earth-shattering she said. today i looked at food lion and their prices are pretty good. much better than HT. also there are reports that the catalina is working at food lion. so buy 4, get $3 back!

kraft/nabisco back to school rebate list

did you send off for this booklet?
(original post here)
i was going through my coupons today, throwing away lots of expired ones, and i found this booklet. inside is a rebate form for nabisco products. all you have to do is send the receipts with prices circled. products have to be purchased 7/1-12/31/09.
i save all my receipts, so i went back through and i am well on my way to $20!
harris teeter receipts are great because they list the products so well.
the breakdown of what you need is:
10 cookies or crackers
5 capri sun or koolaid jammers
5 easy mac cups

go here for the full long list of specific products.

toy coupons at

check out denise's post about just added toy coupons. apparently they may go fast. go look now!

food lion nature's place and season's best picks

if you go to food lion this week, make sure you pick up a copy of the nature's place magazine close to the registers. inside, you will find the following coupons (that you can use at ANY store):
$1/3 simply organic seasoning packets, dips, or dressings
$1.25 off 51 oz ecover laundry liquid
$1.50 off 100 oz ecover laundry liquid
$2 off any bear naked product
$1/2 kashi go lean bars
$1/2 amy's products
$1 off edensoy
$1 off annie chun's item

some of these will be great for super doubles.

also at food lion, look for the flyer entitled "season's best picks"
there you will find coupons for 50¢ off heinz ketchup (for my pittsburgh friends)
and $2 off kingsford charcoal.

no spend challenge day one

i have to admit, it was harder than i thought it was going to be.

homeschooled DD is about to finish the book she's reading, so i was searching for the next one. found a great book i think she will love. (it's called the wind in the wheat)
usually i would go on amazon or ebay and buy it. on ebay it was only $4 including shipping.
but i didn't.
searched the local library database.
no go.
looked to the charlotte meck system.
they have it!
found out i would have to pay to get a card since i'm in iredell county.
called MIL (who lives in charlotte), she said she would be happy to pick it up for me :)

i did have time to list some tupperware on ebay, since i wasn't planning my next shopping trip.
wanted to buy some pop tart coupons.
but i didn't.

tonight, we are having a belated birthday dinner for DS who turned 18! last week.
i asked people to bring food. that's difficult for me.

hopefully today will be easier!

october brings new printables!

here's a post from saving with shellie with links to print the month's new coupons.
be sure to check my list over on the left side for other sites to check for new ones too.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

coupon preview for sunday 10/4

here's the preview for this weekend's coupons.

3 inserts!

SC johnson rebate $5

go here to read about a $5 rebate you can earn by buying only 3 SC johnson products.
this includes ziploc, glade, windex and others.
you can do this rebate 3 times.
(you have to mail each one separately)
and it's good until 7/15/2010!

new kelloggs promotion $10 BONUS BUCKS

go here for details about a new kellogg's program to get $10 certificates from some of our favorite retailers (including TARGET).
remember to look for SPECIALLY MARKED BOXES.
if anyone spots them in mooresville, let us know!
thanks saving with shellie!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

mccormick spices

i had a few coupons for $1/1 mccormick spices that i was hoping to use at HT super doubles and combine with the current catalina.
(see details on right side)
they expire 10/4 i think.
but that was a no go for the spices i really needed (curry, italian seasoning, and bay leaves)
i used the coupons that were about to expire and got some chili powder ($1.55) and black pepper ($1.65), and made 70¢ on the transaction.
that $3 on your next order will come in handy for my no spend month, which starts TOMORROW!

anyway, if you are in the same boat, i wanted to let you know that target has good prices on spices.
they are mostly around $2.
so i will be using my remaining coupons to buy the spices i really need at target.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

harris teeter 9/30-10/6

here's a list from a full cup.
southern savers
a full cup (shopping list)

no super doubles

from all the talk on hot coupon world forums, there will be no harris teeter super doubles tomorrow. oh well.
the list of the ad isn't finished yet.
but the express lanes are up!

duncan hines whole grain muffin printable

go here to take a look at duncan hines new line of whole grain muffins.
you can print a $1/1 coupon too.
(this is a smart source coupon which is always slow and works better for me with internet explorer)
scroll through and look at all the yummy flavors.
blueberry streusel, triple chocolate, apple cinnamon, chocolate chip, cinnamon swirl, and wild blueberry.
great fall meal, pot of soup and muffins!
here is a great recipe for hamburger barley soup that came from kathie lee gifford's mom :)
just checked the HT website and these are on sale for $2.79 this week.
(down a whole 20¢ from regular price)

no spend challenge

had a friend email me about the "no spend challenge".
to answer your question J, YES, i will do updates as i go along. i will need to blog for support.
that's why i wanted to share, so i will be held accountable!

Monday, September 28, 2009

pillsbury refrigerated catalina 10/5-11/1

this is an upcoming catalina at harris teeter, but here are some coupons you can print now.

save up to $4.00 on a future order when you buy pillsbury refrigerated:
  • crescents
  • cookies
  • sweet rolls
  • grands biscuits
  • grands cinnamon rolls
  • pie crusts
  • pizza crusts
  • dinner rolls
  • loaves
  • breadsticks
buy 4 get $2 off
buy 5 get $3 off
buy 6 or more get $4 off
all products must be purchased in one order.

make sure you read labels.
some of these products contain trans fats, which are bad for you!

we like to use the pizza crust to make calzones.
spinach, mozzarella and ricotta cheese. dip in spaghetti sauce. yum!

i have an announcement.....

DH and i talked about this a lot this weekend, and we think we are up for it.
we have decided to make october a "no spend" month.
(to find out more, google "no spend challenge")
what that means to us is that we evaluate every purchase as necessity or want.
we will, of course buy milk and fresh produce.

here are the top ten reasons we have for doing this:
10-i'm really interested to see what's in the back of the freezer.
9-i have enough toothpaste, rice, pasta, and canned beans to last AT LEAST a month :)
8-last week when DH was getting an inspection for DS's car, we found out that an $800 repair is soon going to be needed (although the car is not worth $800, we surely couldn't replace it for that!)
7-we want to prove it to ourselves that we really can survive without amazon, ebay, itunes, starbucks, yellowtail shiraz, and lottery tickets.
6-there's always free movies and cookies at harris teeter.
5-i love deals, but frankly, i'm a little tired.
4-i like the challenge of inventing meals with pantry supplies.
3-the freezer is stocked with harris teeter chicken, green giant vegetables and food lion ground beef.
2-i'm pretty sure i can find some free (with coupons) halloween candy.
1-did i mention my husband is in real estate?????

*don't worry, i will still be posting lists for you!*

food lion 9/30-10/6

food lion ad preview.
i have noticed that these ads posted at hot coupon world don't match ours exactly, so i don't get TOO excited until i see our specific ad.

clipper girl's saving spot

harris teeter 9/30-10/6

ad preview here.

breaking news...super doubles... yes? no?

breaking news from hot coupon world is that several folks have seen the harris teeter ad and there is no mention of super doubles! i will keep you posted...

FREE smuckers uncrustables today

go here to read a post about how to get a coupon for a free box of smuckers uncrustables. this might be fun for the kiddos!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

target 9/27-10/3

here are the best lists from target this week.
stretching a buck
stretching a buck (2) new printables
coupon mom
attention target shoppers (note more lists on the right side)