Saturday, February 27, 2010

what is a catalina?

When you check out at the grocery store, there's a small machine next to the cash register.
This machine prints coupons, ads, announcements of upcoming promos, and OYNO (off your next order) dollars specific to that store.
Catalina machines are found at grocery stores and more recently, at retail stores like Kmart.
If you're doing a Catalina promo, be sure the machine's green light is on to show that it's working before you ring up your promo items.
Catalina coupons and OYNO coupons that print out are usually good for 2 or 4 weeks after they print.

did you know?

i'm still learning!
i went to food lion yesterday to do the kraft ranch or italian salad dressing catalina deal, good thru tommorrow, see link on left sidebar for details.
buy 4 get $3 off your next order.
these are on sale for $2.
*there were $1/2 coupons in those superbowl booklets we picked up a few weeks back.
*i also had a couple coupons from a tearpad for $1 off soda with purchase of two kraft items, i really wish i could tell you which store they came from.
anyway, used both of those to get 4 bottles of dressing ($1.50 each), 2 2-liters of soda (free) and got $3 on my next order.
comes out to 75¢ for the dressing with free soda!

but here's what i learned.
when i went to harris teeter this morning to do the green giant veggie deal, i asked the cashier if they took those "on your next order" coupons.
he said, "we will try it".
it scanned with no beeps!!!
sweet :)

sunday coupon insert 2/28

just one this week, smartsource.
here's the list.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

mooresville help 4 haiti

last night, our fellowship group went over to lakeside park to package meals for those in haiti.
we really didn't know what to expect.
we had to bring $5 for the cost of the "food".
did you know that $5 will provide 20 meals for a child?
there were about 300 people on our shift.
5 members of our group gathered around a table where we scooped soy, dehydrated vegetables, vitamin powder and rice into a small bag.
then there were kids who would come and pick up the bags, deliver them to another table where they were weighed, and finally heat-sealed.
it was an amazing production!
we were the final shift for the night and the grand total of meals packaged was over 125,ooo.
these will be in haiti within the next 2 weeks.
check out the website for this event here.
and please consider a donation!
even $1 would provide 4 meals for a kid :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

harris teeter evic

i didn't know you could do this.
go here to see the online HT ad.
it is filled with evic special prices!
here's the list:
Folgers coffee- 1.99
Hungry Jack pankcake mix- 2/3.00
Hungry Jack syrup- 1.99
Jif Omega-3- 1.99
Martha White Muffin Mix- 2/1.00
Millstone Ground coffee- 3.99
Smuckers Sugar free- 1.99

food lion 2/24- 3/2

food lion lists for the week...
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

harris teeter 2/24-3/2

here are the harris teeter lists for the week:
hot coupon world
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Monday, February 22, 2010

new target printables and matchups

marcy at stretching a buck has put together a long list of new target printables with match-ups!
see it here.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

harris teeter super doubles updated list

jen, the harris teeter moderator at hot coupon world, is so awesome.
she has updated the good deals list here.
scroll all the way down to catch them all!