Thursday, August 20, 2009

target tidbits

new target sales info around the blogs:

nearly free international delights creamer
(even if our target doesn't have this deal, the coupon will be good for HT super doubles)

spongebob coupons and more

chef micheals dog food

christmas toy coupons

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

harris teeter super doubles?

rumor has it that harris teeter will be doing super doubles 8/26-9/1!
stay tuned for more info and confirmation.

gotta have carbs!

my friend L was telling us that she and her hubby were trying a new eating "plan" that restricted their intake of carbs. she said after a few days, she was so evil that her DH told her to go eat a loaf of bread! anyway, she decided that plan was not for her :)

we love bread at our house and the whole family enjoys having bread with dinner. my first stop at HT is usually the bakery area. i scope out the french breads looking for yellow stickers. the loaf of bread pictured sells for $1.29. if you are early enough to find a day old loaf with a yellow sticker, you can take $1 off that. yummy french bread for 29¢. freezes beautifully.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

harris teeter 8/19-8/25

here's the sneak peak from hot coupon world.

don't miss this.
go to, register and print a $3 coupon for free bacon this week at HT!
lists to follow...
coupon mom
clipper girl's saving spot

bloom super doubles 8/19-8/25

rumor has it that bloom will be doing super doubles next week, 8/19-8/25. this means they will double all coupons up to $1.99 value. of course, they don't have prices online and i don't see that anyone has posted an early ad, but if you have some $1 or higher coupons you want to use it may be worth a field trip to check it out. you may want to call to confirm with your store or wait until you get the ad in your mailbox before going. if i do finds lists, i will post them!

food lion 8/19-8/25

here is the food lion preview. lists to follow!
southern savers
clipper girl saving spot