Saturday, May 29, 2010

RaNdOm grocery thoughts for this week

i've had some great shopping trips since wednesday and have almost everything for DS's high school graduation cookout on june 12.
very happy about that!
here are some random things that are swirling in my head:

food lion:
the kraft salad dressing deal is great even with no coupons.
i have done multiple transactions buying 4 salad dressings at $1.66 each and another item from the $5/5 kraft deal. (see jenny's list here of what else is included)
there is, however, a tearpad (i got mine at the davidson HT) for $1 off produce wyb 2 kraft dressings.
so today i got a free red onion and bananas with my dressing deal.
i have been rolling my $3 catalina and spending very little out of pocket.
i think i will end up getting some kraft mayo sometime this week.
it's on sale for $2.50 and part of the deal.
so would end up being $1.50 for the big jar of mayo.
gonna need that for pasta and potato salads this summer.

oh that reminds me.
there is a tearpad at food lion near the potatoes that gets you some free maries potato salad dressing (located in the first part of the produce section) when you buy a bag of red or yukon gold potatoes.
red potatoes are on sale for $2.99 for 5 lb.

did i tell you about the food lion shrimp that is bogo this week?
i get the EZ peel jumbo for $4.99 and make this wonderful spicy shrimp from the pioneer woman's website.
it really is easy to peel.
and you don't have to use that much butter.
but you can :)

scott paper towels are on sale $4.77 for an 8 pack.
i have gotten 3 $1.50/1 scott towels coupon from the coupon scanner kiosk thing.
makes for cheap paper towels!
$3.27 for 8 rolls.

i also got a $1/1 kraft cheese (which is part of the 5/5 deal) from the kiosk.
try your luck! and i always look through the ones others have discarded.

harris teeter:
along with the great solo paper plates/cups deal, vanity fair plates are also on sale for $2.
the are the absolute nicest sturdiest plates on the market.
use the 50¢/1 from the 3/14 RP to get them for a dollar.

nestle coffee mate creamer is on sale for $1.66 until 6/8 i believe.
use the 50¢/1 from the 5/2 SS.
final price 66¢

VO5 shampoo is on sale for 69¢ this week.
don't know how good it is, but we are almost out!
it smelled good.

and don't forget to pick up the tearpad coupon for the produce when you buy 2 kraft dressings (to use at food lion).

Friday, May 28, 2010

harris teeter solo cups and plates moneymaker

great solo deal at harris teeter this week.
plates and cups are on sale for $2.

buy 4 products.
print two of each of these coupons (75¢/1).
because the coupons look different, you can use 2 of each.
get a catalina good for $4 off your next order!
the breakdown...
$2 x 4 = $8
- $6 for coupons (75¢ doubled =$1.50 x 4 = $6)
final price $2 for 4 packages and a catalina for $4 off your next order!

coupon with picture of solo cups
coupon with picture of solo bare plates
*even though there is a picture of the "bare" plates, the coupon reads "good on any solo plate, cup, or bowl and it does not beep :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

food lion 5/27 (even my DD was impressed!)

went to food lion today to do the $5/5 deal again.
what a great surprise to find that the kraft salad dressing was on sale today for 3/$5!
i had 4 55¢/1 coupons left.
and i got a crystal light (on sale for $2.50) and used a $1 off coupon for that.
i also picked up a pack of boneless skinless chicken breasts ($1.79/lb) for $2.82.
the total was over $18.
then she scanned my mvp card.
then the $5 came off.
then she subtracted my coupons.
and i had my "save $3 on your next order" from yesterday's dressing catalina.
grand total (drum roll please)
and a catalina printout good for tomorrow's trip :)

scan your card when you go in for coupons from the kiosk.
i got one for $1.50/3 packs of kraft cheese, which is included in the $5 off 5.
and a scott paper towel $1/1 which is on sale $4.77.

pick up the new "nature's place" magazine.
there is a $1/1 oikos greek yogurt coupon on the back.
doesn't expire til july, so free yogurt at the next harris teeter super doubles.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

dressing deal is a go at the mooresville shearers road store!

at the mooresville nc (shearers road) store i bought 1 crystal light, and 4 kraft dressings. got the $5 off and the $3 cat!
i used 4 55¢ coupons for the dressing and a $1 off crystal light (facebook coupon)

free tropicana by mail

read jenny's post on getting a coupon for free oj here.

food lion update

looks like food lion has some kinks to work out with the $5/5 promotion.
read about it here.
the kraft dressings are not working (they should fix that) and the kool-aid packets do not work (no surprise on that one).
so, i would wait a few hours, check back to the above forum and see how things shake out.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

food lion kraft salad dressing money maker starts tomorrow!

if you have these coupons or can print them, here's a moneymaker on salad dressing!
55¢/1 printable
55¢/1 5/2 SS
55¢/1 tearpad (i got mine at food lion from a sweet man serving carrots and dip)

here's the deal:
kraft dressings on sale 2/$4
buy 5 get $5 off instantly
use 5 coupons to subtract another $2.75
pay $2.25
get a catalina good for $3 on your next order
Kraft Salad Dressing 16 oz +
Buy any 2, get $1
Buy any 3, get $2
Buy any 4+, get $3 off your next order

woo hoo!

there are lots of other good items with this buy 5 get $5 off, including:
country time lemonade $2 each
oscar mayer lunchmeat$2.99 ($1/2 blinkies or printable)
kraft cheese $2.50

and maybe even kool aid that sells for 10¢ a pack!
this hasn't been tested yet, but i will let you know for sure :)

harris teeter 5/26- 6/1

here's the ad from hot coupon world.

looks good!

food lion 5/26- 6/1

here's the mooresville food lion circular for tomorrow.
it seems ours is always a little different from the "lists" that come out.
happy to see chicken $1.79/lb (bottom dollar will you beat that?)
and jumbo shrimp 26/30 count bogof!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

harris teeter super doubles matchups with 5/23 coupons

find the matchup for todays coupons here!
a full cup