Saturday, May 30, 2009

are there any coupons you want to print?

heads up that the coupon websites usually change the coupons on the first of the month.
that's monday!
so take a look and see if there's anything you want to print.
coupon suzy
coupon bug
cool savings

rumor on the internet is that there is a crystal light promotion at harris teeter, so if you like crystal light there is a 2$/2 (which would work great if they run a bogof), and 1$/1.
here's the promotion:
Buy 4 Crystal Light canisters or On the Go boxes between 5/29 - 6/11/09
and get a coupon for $2.00 off next shopping order
Must all be purchased in one transaction.
*don't buy YET, they are full price right now. let's see what happens before 6/11*

Thursday, May 28, 2009

harris teeter triples spreadsheet

this impresses me.
from hot coupon world.
harris teeter triples spreadsheet.

target preview ad for 5/31

here's the target ad for this weekend, thanks to neekyme @ a full cup.
here is discussion of the deals from hot coupon world!

i needed some sandwich bags. they are on sale 100 ct for 2.29.
printable coupon (join the box tops for education website) for 1$/2 makes them 1.79 each.

*update* not in the sale ad, but a lot of the morningstar frozen fake meat stuff is on sale for 3$.
use the target printables for 2$/2 to get a good deal. sign up for the "morningstar farms insider" at and you MAY get an email with a coupon for $1/1 (which would stack with the target coupon) for a GREAT deal!

what do you see?

harris teeter triples day 2 5/28

i used most of my best coupons yesterday, but still did pretty well today!
went back down to davidson, it's a nice drive :)
they were still very well stocked. only thing i wanted that they were out of was mitchum deodorant (in a man scent) and all they had were powder and unscented.
i got:
hefty cups
dial hand soap
viva big roll paper towels
dawn dish detergent
french's honey mustard
4 yakisoba ramen noodles
big jar smuckers jam
spray n wash
3 cans texas pete chili
1 bag pretzels
2 bags grande tortilla chips
skinitimate shaving gel
kings hawaiian sandwich rolls
pepperidge farm hamburger rolls
nature's pride bread
eggo waffles
alexia garlic bread
oscar mayer shaved turkey

total 57.30
saved 47.50
oop 9.80!

dave ramsey town hall for hope!

this is definately worth watching (or watching again!).
dave ramsey's town hall for hope, a webcast that we went to at church a few weeks ago, is now on hulu.
go here.
dave is funny and extremely relevant and wise.
seriously better than anything that is on tv tonight, i'm sure.
so, put the kids to bed and settle in for a realistic evaluation for our country's "situation" and reassurance that we ARE gonna be okay :)

HOME made simple

do you have this coupon book yet?
if not, go here to "saving with shellie" to get yours.
lots of good cleaning product coupons, in fact i got some free dawn dish liquid this morning with one of the coupons!

buying coupons on ebay

i sometimes "buy" coupons on ebay for things i know that my family likes and that i buy a lot of. also, if you know you can get an item for free or cheap (especially with triples!) it may be worth investing a dollar or two.

here are the rules i have set for myself when buying coupons:
  • don't pay more than 2$
  • look for sellers that offer free or cheap shipping
  • make sure to check the expiration date of the coupon so you will have time to use it
  • use sellers that have 100% positive feedback (or VERY close)
  • think about location, you can get coupons super fast if they live within NC or our bordering states

coupon preview 5/31

here's the insert preview for 5/31/09 from jenny at southern savers.
thanks, jenny!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

free ketchup....and other coupons too

from simple and delicious.
click here to sign up for a coupon book (by mail) including a coupon for free ketchup!
thanks to sarah, from a thrifty

food lion private brand super sale 5/27-6/23

food lion started a new promotion today.
you can get money back (on your next order) by buying food lion products.
the rules:
  • Use your Personal MVP Card.
  • Purchase a minimum of 4 (maximum of 40) Food Lion Brand Products in one shopping visit. (All Food Lion Brand items are eligible except fresh meat, produce and random weight Deli/Bakery items.)
  • Receive up to $10 in Food Lion Coupons at checkout. Coupons are redeemable on your next shopping order. (Coupons expire 2 weeks from date of issuance.)
so, this is like 25¢ on each product!
what's cheap that we can buy?
looking at the sale ad today, i see canned vegetables (69¢), cat food (43¢), yogurt (42¢), and buns (99¢).
for the buns, check your food lion shoppers companion email from last week. there was a printable for 1$/ (2) packs of hamburger or hot dog buns.
so 99¢ x2 = 1.98-1$ coupon-25¢ (x2)= 50¢ for two packs of buns!
of course you have to buy 2 other things to reach your minimum of 4 items for the 1$ oyno coupon.
there was also a chip coupon (2$/2) last week and those are on sale this week for 2$ each.
i'm hoping that includes the tortilla chips!

if you don't have the email from last week, go here for the food lion printables from jenny at southern savers.

don't forget to scan your food lion mvp card at the scanner kiosk near the door. maybe you will get some good food lion brand coupons there too.

how fun is this? harris teeter triples 5/27 $1.15!

i'm practically giddy. i got all this stuff at the davidson harris teeter for $1.15!

hefty cups
dial hand soap
glass plus
velveeta mac and cheese cup
kraft ranch dressing
lipton tea bags
yakisoba ramen noodles
mccormick oregano
mccormick black pepper
uncle ben's rice
wacky mac pasta
capri sun 10 pack
edge shave gel
skintimate shave gel
suave shampoo
suave conditioner
eggo waffles
rhodes dinner rolls
3 alexia garlic bread

total $48.43
total OOP $1.15
saved $47.28 :)

-skintimate has two sizes. both are 2$. look for the larger one.
-they had no "grandes" tortilla chips when i was there this morning.
so have some back up coupons ready to meet your 20 a day if need be.
-swing by the cheese area. tearpad coupons for 50¢ off kraft 2% cheese. save for a sale, unless you need now.
-check your e-vic email to see if you got free salad dressing!

can't wait for tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

recipes with all that free bbq sauce!

click here for a list of recipes that you can make with all that free bbq sauce!
how about some shrimp fajitas, meatloaf or chicken "kisses"?

Monday, May 25, 2009

do you have your coupons and list ready for triples?

harris teeter will triple coupons starting wednesday 5/27 thru tuesday 6/2.
here are a few lists to get you going!

from jenny at southern savers

from barbara at clipper girl's savings spot

from the forum at hot coupon world

are you ready?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

sunday shopping part 2 *harris teeter*

finishing up at the mooresville harris teeter.....

*warning!* the managers at the mooresville store are not quite as laid back as the ones at the davidson harris teeter.
case in point:
i tried to do my bogof coupon with a bogof sale.
at the davidson harris teeter, they credited my bill with a full price item. so i ended up with 2 free!
at the mooresville store, she tried to tell me i had to buy 4 in order to get 1 free. i was so bold. i told her "just take it off my bill and i will use my coupon in davidson". can you believe i said that???? so in the end, she took 1/2 of the item price off. better than nothing, but now i will know to save those for davidson :)

they have no 99¢ wholly guacamole in the mooreville store.

i did find out that the lipton tea will still be on sale for triples, so i saved that coupon.

got some free wishbone salad dressing, barilla pasta, 4¢ lipton noodles and sauce, and 14¢ ragu.

they had some beautiful south carolina blueberries for $2.50.

lever soap 6 bars on clearance for 3.94
-manufacturers coupon for 1.50
2.44 for 6 bars of soap

i was hoping they would be sold out of some stuff so i could get some rainchecks to use during triples, but they were pretty well stocked. but i think i'll go to davidson wednesday morning.

sunday shopping part 1 *target*

hey, we had to keep ourselves occupied while DD was at choir practice :)
first of all, hubby went to the service desk with receipt from some headphones that DD bought last week, on sale this week. he got the refund for the lower price! it worked!

i was excited about the new target printables that came out today. some good ones.
here's what we got:

hershey's bliss dark chocolate 2.99
-1.00 target coupon
-1.00 manufacturer's coupon
final price 99¢

gold and plump chicken breasts 38 oz (2.38 lb) 6.99
-1.00 target printable
-1.50 gold and plump coupon
final price 4.49 or 1.89/lb

archer farms organic tortilla chips 2.69
-1.00 target coupon

rice krispies 1.99
-1.00 manufacturer coupon

pepperidge farm hamburger buns 2.49
-75¢ target printable
-55¢ manufacturer coupon

athenos feta cheese 2.09
-1.00 manufacturer's coupon printable

poptart deal
buy 5 at 2.33, get 5$ gift card
-5 50¢ target printables (2.50)
-2 1$/2 manufacturer's coupons (2.00)
pay $7.15 and get a 5$ gift card
so 2.15 for 5 boxes of 12 poptarts!
*i use my target gift card from the last "deal" i did, so i end up only paying the 2.15 OOP*

find links to all these coupons at hot coupon world

they had some beautiful grapes from mexico $1.49/lb (better than chile!)

our checkout girl was wonderful. i have determined that the young ladies, age 18-25 are the best bets for having little or no trouble with checkout when you have a lot of coupons.