Friday, July 23, 2010

walmart good deal on notebooks and folders

walmart has their basic 70 sheet notebooks and "on-the-nicer-side" folders with 2 pockets and prongs in the middle for 15¢!

compositon books (100 pg), glue stick 2-pack, glue bottles, and 24-pack crayons are all 25¢ each.
pick up the back to school flyer as you come in the door for more deals.

pioneer woman's lemon basil pasta

do you have lots of fresh basil growing in your garden?
please make this for dinner as soon as possible!
you will thank me.

here's the recipe from the pioneer woman's website.
(and that's her photo too)

Monday, July 19, 2010

harris teeter -it's triples 7/21

maybe 7/28?

no triples yet?

there doesn't seem to be any real confirmation that triples will start wednesday at harris teeter. maybe next week. if i hear otherwise, i will let you know!