Saturday, June 20, 2009

tyson fresh chicken coupon

here's a printable coupon for 1$ off any fresh chicken product by tyson.
it expires on 7/14/09. hopefully there will be some good sales before then.
thanks to ginger at attention coupon clippers.

excellent cheese deal! harris teeter 6/19

had a good trip to harris teeter yesterday.
here's what i got:

>5 shredded kraft cheeses on sale for $1.47
(had 3 50¢/1 tearpad coupons and 2 printable 1$/1 coupons)
>red leaf lettuce $1.59
>wacky mac $1.59
(got 1$ off from evic email, 75¢/1 printable doubled...91¢ overage! thanks e!)
>guacamole $1.99
(coupon buy guac, get salsa [3.69] free 5/17 SS)
>salsa $3.69
(free with above)
>arm&hammer scrub free 99¢
(printable 75¢/1)
>pert plus for men $1.63 bogof
(coupon $1.50/1 5/3 SS)
>nature's pride bread $1.84 bogof
(peelie 55¢/1)

final cost 7.10
and i got a coupon for 4$ off my next order thanks the the cheese deal!

Friday, June 19, 2009

food lion ad for 6/24 (already!)

here's the ad for food lion for next week (6/24-6/30).
they better have something spectacular, because with harris teeter doing the super doubles thing and also bloom is having triples next week.
haven't found any good lists for that, but i will post if i do.

target sales, here today, gone tomorrow.

my good friend called me today about a strawberry sale at target.
on sale for 1.25$...use the 1$/1 target printable for 25¢ strawberries!
e said that the cashier gave her a hard time about wanting to use 2 coupons on 2 packs of strawberries. now, i know it says "limit one per transaction", but i have never had that enforced before. so beware.
also blueberries were $1.99.

i went for laura's lean beef patties. on sale for $3.99 and i found a 1$ printable here.
great deal. or so i thought...
i get to target, now mind you, i had just been there wednesday.
today's price.

oh, another good thing did happen.
remember the jennie-o coupon? original post here.
i got my 5$ off any 1 product coupon this week. so target had 20 oz packs of 7% ground turkey on sale for $2.99. i got 2, because i thought that was a good price.
they took off the whole 5$!
that made up for the hamburger i guess....

how to explain stockpiling to your friends...or husband!

here's a great blog entry on "the buy ahead principle". i think it's great.
and we know it works!
from money saving mom.

a phone call from harris teeter?

now that's a first!
just got a phone call from harris teeter letting me know about a special 3-day sale.
friday, saturday, and sunday 6/19-6/21.

HT eggs 69¢
HT soda 39¢
HT lean ground beef (20% that LEAN???) 88¢
utz potato chips b1g2f
oscar mayer hotdogs 88¢


i'm going to post all the lists i find for good deals with the super doubles sales here. so check back!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

harris teeter YourWellness e-letter

have you signed up for the harris teeter yourwellness e-letter?
i got an email this week with some health information and an offer for 1$ off blueberries between now and 7/1.
go here to sign up. now!

good way to work the cereal and milk deal at target

go here to see how a thrifty mom got 3 boxes of cereal, a box of crackers, and a gallon of milk for $5.03!

harris teeter super doubles printable $1.50 coupons

the girls at hot coupon world are at it again!
they are starting a list of what will be good coupon match-ups for the big event.
go here for the discussion. check out post #42 for a list of printable coupons that you may want to have handy.

harris teeter super doubles...6/24-6/ up to $1.98 will be doubled!

target ad for 6/21-6/27...NOT

sad news.
the legal department at target contacted "neekyme" who usually posts the target ad scans.
so she can't do it anymore :(

here's a list that was started before the drama.

free scotts sample pack

i really don't enjoy shopping at walmart, but i do enjoy their free sample area on their website!
right now you can request a scotts sample pack which includes an extra soft double roll and a 10 count pack of natural flushable wipes. visit for the mommies for the details.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i need to pay more attention!

just a head's up that the cheese deal does not start until FRIDAY!
i guess i just assume things like this are gonna run with their weekly schedule.
and you know what happens when you assume!

there was a tearpad in the cheese section for 50¢/1.
(coupon says 2% cheese, but it works fine with no beeps on the regular kind).

so i don't feel bad about using all my coupons... and 47¢ cheese is an awesome deal.

btw, the coupon penguin is at the mooresville harris teeter! a couple good coupons, see what you find. a lot of 1$ ones, maybe good for super doubles!

do you evic?

i got an email from harris teeter this morning because i am a member of their evic program. if you get this email too, make sure you scroll down to the bottom, because they always have special offers just for you!
today, i found out i can get 1$ off a pack of wacky mac pasta, just by scanning my vic card. i'll pair this with a ss coupon 5/10 (50¢/1) to see if i can make some money! the regular price on this is $1.59.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

coupon preview 6/21

here's the coupon preview from clipper girl's savings spot.

harris teeter kraft cheese catalina 6/19-7/12

harris teeter is having a kraft cheese catalina...
this does not start until FRIDAY!

Valid 6/19-7/12

Buy 3- get $2
Buy 4 get $3
Buy5 get $4 oyno catalina

All items must be purchased in same trip. Includes cheese items listed below - 6 oz or greater

Kraft shreds, chunks, cubes, sticks, crumbles, cracker cuts, twists
Cracker barrel chunks, sticks, cracker cuts, slices
Polly-o - strings/twists
Kraft deli fresh slices

if you have any cheese coupons left, this could be good!

food lion deals week of 6/17

go here for jenny's list (southern savers).
here for barbara's list (clippergirlsavingspot)
here for jennifer's list (charlotte cheapskate chicks)

it's true! harris teeter super doubles 6/24-6/30

start digging out all those high value coupons. harris teeter will double coupons up to $1.98 from june 24 thru june 30. see the discussion here at hot coupon world. they call this "super doubles".

Monday, June 15, 2009

look for the coupon penquin at harris teeter

rumor has it that the coupon penquin may be coming to a harris teeter near you!
what is a coupon penquin you ask? the infamous coupon penquin is a large cardboard penquin cutout appearing usually in the frozen foods. he is covered with coupons for the taking!
go here to see the list of coupons that a charlotte shopper found.

could it be true? harris teeter to double coupons up to $1.98!

read about it here, at hot coupon world!

kraft first taste

there is a lot of buzz about this on the internet this i thought i would post. supposedly free samples and coupons. i joined last week but don't see too much exciting yet. go here to learn more.

food lion sneak peek 6/17-6/23

and for food!

harris teeter sneak peek 6/17-6/23

how do they do it?
go here for the sneak peak for harris teeter this week.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

target deals week of 6/14

here are the best lists i see about target deals this week.
there is a good gift card deal on ice cream, popsicles, and klondike bars.
and also free salsa wyb 2 archer farms chips (use the 1$/1 target printable on the chips).

hot coupon world
>look at post #21 for a link on how to store ice cream
and at post #32 for a link to print a klondike (1$/2) coupon.
*keep trying, it took me a couple of times to get it to print.

coupon mom

stretching a buck

attention target shoppers
>coupon matchups and links to other target bloggers "weekly deals @ target" on the left side of the page. see ginger's top five deals here.

saving with shellie

will add to this list as bloggers post!