Saturday, October 17, 2009

printable on the lookout!

as i am using my pantry supplies, i like to use the website to enter ingredients and get recipe suggestions. i noticed the other day that on the right side, different advertisements came up, some with links to printable coupons. on allrecipes, i saw coupons for mccormick spices, cookie dough, bisquick, and more. look at different recipes for different ads.
another place, i heard about from freebies 4 mom, is got a coupon there for $1/1 new progresso high fiber soup. this is on sale at HT this week bogof or $1.34 each. use the coupon for cheap soup! also coupons there for crescents and grands.

target 10/18-10/24

target lists for this week...
hot coupon world
stretching a buck
a full cup
common sense with money

free trident layers gum at HT

hey, harris teeter has the new trident layers gum.
priced at $1.49, get it free with this 75¢/1 printable!

Friday, October 16, 2009

walmart 10/16

went to walmart to check on the over the moon milk.
yep, it was $2 for the 1/2 gallon, use the $1/1 coupon for cheap milk.
also they had some nice apples (all kinds) on sale for 88¢/lb.
of course, it was a ZOO in there on friday afternoon....especially since it's race week in charlotte!

and by the way, their prices are not always cheaper.
i'd say not even generally cheaper.
for instance, 10 lb sugar 4.79 at walmart, 4.29 at food lion!
cheez its 2/$5, nothin' special.
pop-tarts $1.87, but when HT will double your 55¢ coupon, better at HT even with HT regular price of $2.19 (but they are on sale almost every week, this week $2).

now, the $2.79 wine, that's a deal!!!

food lion sneak peek 10/21

i'll post this again next week, but here's a sneak peek.
our ad seems to be a little different than this one, especially the meat department.

harris teeter free milk catalina

just read this on hot coupon world...
Purchase any Three Kellogs Mini-Wheats Cereals
(14.5 oz any flavor, mix and match)
during purchase dates (10/23-11/19)
and get 1 Gallon FREE Milk
(any brand, any flavor up to $3.60) OYNO.

All items are to be purchased in one shopping order.
Limited to product in stock. No cash back.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

sunday paper coupon preview 10/18

go here to see what you'll get.

free happy baby food product

i know i have seen this at target, in the frozen section.
go here to read shellie's post about another pdf coupon (expires 11/10) for a free organic baby food product.
if you don't have a baby, get some and donate or surprise a friend :)

new target printable on red plum

go read ginger's post on getting some cheap
deodorant and body spray at target.
this stuff does smell good :)
we got the $1.50/2 coupon here in mooresville.

*better deal from mercedes at common sense with money.*
go here!

over the moon milk coupon

go here to print a $1/1 over the moon milk coupon.
this is a pdf which means you can save it to your computer and print it as much as you like. expires 12/31/09.
last week when i was at walmart they had this milk (1/2 gallon) on rollback for $2.
i'm gonna go check and see if they still do for some $1 milk.
if you get there before i do, leave a comment!

my stonyfield rewards

i love this yogurt, especially the oikos.
we use it like sour cream, and it TASTES like sour cream.
great in recipes too.
anyway, stonyfield has a new reward program where you can enter codes online for free healthy food coupons!
this is a great time to start this because HT has flavored cups of stonyfield yogurt on sale for 50¢ this week.
there are printable coupons on their website as well.
check it out here.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

harris teeter cheap snapple!

back in the day when the real estate business was great and DH and i spent money on a lot of frivolous things, a cold drink at check-out was a given. dang, think of all those $1.25's.
here's a deal that even a cheap skate (like i am now) will give in to.
HT has snapples on sale for $1.25, regularly $2.19 {gasp} (17.5 oz size).
use the 55¢/1 at for a 15¢ beverage :)

i could only print one per computer at, but here's another one for you.

free music downloads at

thanks to jenny for posting this.
you can get free music at lots of genres.
check it out.
i saw a few past american idol contestants on here!

HOT kraft cheese coupon $1/2

here's a coupon for something i love...cheese!
super doubles has to be coming soon, right????

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

food lion 10/14-10-20

here's where you will find the info for food lion this week.
a full cup (shopping list)
hot coupon world

fyi, you can log into and see your area's food lion circular.

*we got $1.99/lb chicken again! also someone on the boards suggested buying the boneless sirloin tip ($1.77/lb) and having the butcher grind it for you if you need hamburger meat. great idea, i think....

harris teeter 10/14-10/20

here's where you will find your harris teeter info for the week!
a full cup (preview)
a full cup shopping list
hot coupon world
southern savers (i love jenny's lists)

muir glen organic tomatoes are 2/$3.
printable at for $1/1.

Monday, October 12, 2009

free sunny delight smoothie at HT

if you are going to harris teeter tomorrow, print this coupon.
55¢/1 and they are on sale for 99¢. that is a bogo price, so you will only be able to use one coupon.
thanks to $30 weekly grocery challenge.

lands end girls shoes $5 free shipping!

lands end trekker shoes.
what do ya think? are these ugly or FuNkY?
go here to get the code to get free shipping on these $5 shoes.
(free shipping good thru thursday)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

cheap skippy peanut butter at target

just found this post.
if you didn't know, target does price matching now.
take your walgreens ad with you to target, they have skippy on sale for $1.67.
use the 40¢/1 man. coupon from the 10/4 RP and stack with the $1/1 target printable.
final price 27¢.
thanks cindy at living rich with coupons.

no spend challenge....weekend shopping

i stayed home on friday, but DH went to a meeting and bought a $2 cup of coffee on the way. i couldn't be too upset though, because he was going to meet with my daddy about moving to mooresville!

yesterday DH and i went to the davidson harris teeter. did the meal deal with the $2 off coupon for the hormel meat. don't know how that will be, but the nutrition info wasn't horrible and i thought that was a lot of food for $6. happy to have the big bag of salad! also got the 57¢ nestle cookies and some cinnabon bars (i love those!) with a coupon my dad sent home with DH. also needed some poptarts.
* on bottles of yellow tail shiraz, there were hangtags for $2 off beef, got a couple of those and one on some other wine for $1 off chicken. the beef coupon says "no wine purchase necessary"! so look for those.
total spent $9.51.

after lunch on saturday, we went to bj's and got some grape tomatoes (2 lbs) and an 18 pack of land o'lakes eggs. i had a coupon for free eggs that i got when i hosted a land o'lakes house party a few months ago. house parties are a way companys promote their product and the hostess gets lots of free stuff. check out their website here.
total spent at bj's $5.67

then to walmart for the wine, and some butter.
total spent $8.62.

today, while DD was at choir, we went to the mooresville harris teeter to get some papers and the e-vic eggs i forgot yesterday. i also saw the HT had 8 pack AA energizer batteries for $4.99 and i had a $2 off coupon, so i got those. the managers at the mooresville HT must really be hard on their cashiers. the young girl practically read each word on my one coupon and then said "those were energizer batteries....i guess there was 8 in that pack, right?" aaaggghhh!
total spent $3.78
papers $4.00

then to target. even though the $2.49 chicken was not listed in our ad, they did have it. it was the extra tender type, but the coupon worked fine with no beeps. bumble bee tuna pouches were still on sale for $1 so i got 2 more of them (free with coupon). and there was a sweet lady handing out coffee sample for market pantry coffee. DH was happy about that since we skipped the usual starbucks. the best part...she was also handing out coupons for a FREE full sized bag of market pantry coffee! so we got that and some bananas, a cucumber, and a 5 lb bag of oranges for $2.99. i had left my pocket book in the car, with my gift cards inside, so we had to pay the full

dinners are still going well.
friday i made tortellini alfredo with peas and bacon.
used more peas than the recipe called for and made my own alfredo sauce. it was pretty good, even better reheated with a few grape tomatoes thrown in for lunch today.
saturday dinner was grilled chicken wraps, mexican layer dip and chips, and annie's mexican macaroni and cheese (i don't think they even make this any more, it was from a box).
sunday dinner is pancakes and al fresco chicken sausage, with some oranges on the side.