Saturday, May 23, 2009

athenos feta cheese coupon

we love feta cheese, in salads, in wraps, sprinkled on vegetables.
there is a new 1$/1 printable at

harris teeter has this on sale this week for 2.39
the best price is usually at target 2.09
at walmart i think it is over 3$
not sure about food lion.
but i know that in the past when i have had coupons i used them at target.

Friday, May 22, 2009

harris teeter evic for memorial day

heads up from clipper girl about some special deals at harris teeter for friday thru monday.
milk $1.97 gallon
asparagus 99¢
for more go here!

also, just a reminder that there will be NO coupon inserts this weekend :(
i guess i should spend some time going through my huge box and throwing away the expired ones.

target preview ad for 5/24 and price adjustments

here's the ad for this weekend courtesy of neekyme at saavy dollar.

also, as i looked at the ad i remembered something i learned a long time ago when my son worked at target. target will do a price adjustment for any item you bought within the last 1-7 days!
from their website:
Price Adjustments
If you see a lower price listed in one of our Target Weekly Ads, we may be able to adjust the price of your online order to match the advertised price. Please note: You must have purchased the item within 1-7 days prior to the ad and you must contact us during the Weekly Ad where the lower price is featured. Also, we cannot adjust for a lower price on clearance items.

this is from the help center. other research i have done says they will honor any purchase made in the last 14 days. but you have to go to the store while the item is on sale.

so, if you happened to buy a really cute shirt for a birthday present last week and had to pay full price, you can get a little money back this week (if you saved your receipt!).

Thursday, May 21, 2009

harris teeter 5/21

i love the davidson harris teeter. everyone is so nice and they are STOCKED!

here are the highlights of what i got:

trident gum 1.19
-75 coupon doubled

hefty ez grip cups 2.79 (sale)
-75 q doubled

4 bbq kraft bbq sauce 5$
2 1$ coupons
2 75¢ coupons doubled (up to 1.25)
price for 4 50¢
plus got a 2$ oyno catalina!

quaker rice snacks quakes 3/5$
-3 1$/1 coupons
price for 3 $2 (67¢ each)
trying to use up those coupons i got off ebay :)

cottonelle 6 double rolls 4.50
-75¢ coupon doubled

ragu pasta sauce bogof (1.34)
-60¢ coupon doubled

chi chi salsa bogof (1.64)
-55¢ coupon doubled

wheat thins artisian crackers bogof (reg price 3.79)
buy two and use the bogof coupon and get both for free!
yes, they credit the receipt with 3.79!

wholly guacamole is on sale for 99¢
use the buy one guac, get salsa free coupon and get the salsa (3.69) free
so 99¢ for guac and salsa
these are in the produce department.

if you have any amy's coupons, i got veggie burgers (on sale for 3$, reg price 5.39...a good buy even without a coupon!)
i had a 75¢ coupon doubled so 1.50 for me :)
i usually get these coupons at bloom or food lion in their free magazine "nature's place"

9 lives cat food bogof (2.54)
-75¢ coupon doubled

lipton pasta sides bogof (1.59/2)
-75 coupon doubled
.09¢ for 2

wishbone dressing bogof (1.49 each)
-75¢ coupon doubled

nature's pride bread 2.19
-55¢ coupon doubled

i got a few other things and overall i spent 25.29$
i saved 78.38!
i think that's a record :)

things that will still be on sale next week for triples:
edge shaving gel
suave naturals shampoo
soft soap hand soap
dial hand soap and bars
smuckers jelly and jam
the girls at hot coupon world got the ad for next week already too. go here.

kraft 1$/1 cheese coupon HURRY! its back!!

thanks to mercedes for letting us know that this valuable coupon is reset.
go here to print these kraft shredded cheese 1$/1 coupons again!
use your back button to print twice!
visit mercedes blog common sense with money for more printables.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

lots of time to get ready...for TRIPLES!!!! 5/27-6/2

well, the girls at hot coupon world are at it again, and they are AWESOME!
here is the list they have started as to what you can get cheap or free at harris teeter during the week of 5/27-6/2 when harris teeter will again triple coupons.
start planning now :)

my favorite target deal this week

target has these printable coupons for hefty extend bags 1$ off when you buy the bags and a produce item. the bags are on sale for $1.87. use the target coupon and piggy back it with the manufacturer's coupon for 1$/1 hefty easy zip bags from the 5/17 RP.
buy some bananas or a pound of apples (don't forget that target printable 1$/1 lb) or whatever produce item you need.

i got 1 package of gallon size bags and 2.08 lbs of bananas for $1.08!

the market pantry oj is $1.99. use the 50¢ target printable for some cheap oj.

i broke down and used my 1$/1 printable kraft cheese coupons and stacked them with the 1$/2 target printable. they weren't on sale, but target's price is $1.99, much better than harris teeter's 2.99!
so i got kraft cheese for 50¢ a bag.

i looked at the bertolli frozen dinner gift card deal. even though it would have been relatively cheap, the packages i looked at had well over 500 calories a serving! and LOTS of fat. so i left my coupons in the freezer beside them :)

if you hot dogs from oscar mayer

click here to get a coupon for free oscar mayer hot dogs (by mail).
thanks clipper girl!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

kraft 1$/1 cheese coupon HURRY!

got a tip from clipper girl, and found a post from a full cup, go here to print this 1$/1 kraft cheese coupon.

harris teeter sneak peek 5/20-5/26

here's the ad for tomorrow!

after about 3pm, harris teeter will make the "sale" changes to their express lane. i like to scour this as well to find unadvertised deals.
morrison plantation harris teeter here.
davidson harris teeter here.

the store layouts are a little different, and inventory is a little different. prices on like items are the same as far as i can tell. the davidson harris teeter stays better stocked, especially on high demand items during sales.

Monday, May 18, 2009

tombstone pizza will help you pay your utility bill

here's a post from deal seeking mom about tombstone pizza.
i looked them up. no weird ingredients.
reg price $5.99 at harris teeter.
go print some coupons and i bet a sale will come along soon.
(this is a kraft product. i was able to print some from the food lion website and some from
the deal is:
buy 7 save 5$
buy 12 save 10$
buy 17 save 15$

and you have until 1/15/2010 to save up!

walmart trip 5/18

didn't find too much today, but met a nice mommy with her adorable daughter :)

breyers ice cream $2.25
75¢/1 from the 4/5 unilever insert
final price $1.50

quaker rice cakes $1.66
1$/1 from the 3-29 RP
final price 66¢

mann's snow peas $2.68
printable coupon here for 55¢/1
final price $2.13 (my splurge)

nature's own buns on sale for $1.50

earthbound farm organic carrots 88¢
coupon for 55¢ that i picked up at harris teeter last month
final price 33¢

la banderita tortillas $1.92
we love these and walmart has the lowest price.

i'm finding that our walmart must be higher priced than a lot of others.
i hardly ever find great deals there.
oh well. maybe i'll go to target later....

harris teeter triples 05/27 - 06/02

just read on clipper girls blog, that she heard from saavy dollar, who heard it from a reliable source that triples will be at harris teeter 5/27 - 6/2. get ready!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

usa today weekend coupon alert

if you got the statesville paper this morning, look in the insert labeled "usa today weekend". there are 2 good paper towel coupons for viva.

target and walmart coupon matchups 5/17

for walmart here
for target here
these are put together by ginger who blogs on attention target shoppers, attention walmart shoppers, and attention coupon clippers!

target deals 5/17

here's a start on the target deals from its hip 2 save.
i noticed on our ad that the bertolli deal we only have to buy 3, not 4!
(you may want to take your ad with you in case there's any problem with this)
lucky us.... i guess, i need to read the label first :)
if you can get access to 2 computers and print 3 $1.50/1 coupons, that would be $2.83 a pack! maybe a good after church lunch?