Friday, November 6, 2009

are you a black friday day after thanksgiving shopper?
i never have been, but maybe you are.
interestingly enough, there is a whole site dedicated to deals on black friday.
check it out here.

harris teeter fleishman's yeast money maker

i don't know about you guys, but i am having a ball with this round of triples.
have you done this one?
fleishman's yeast strip is priced at 99¢.
use the 40¢/1 from the 10/4 ss.
get a 50¢ off your next order catalina!
free yeast and 50¢ back.
reports are that you can only do this once per transaction.
also, the yeast labeled "pizza dough yeast" does not work for this catalina.

harris teeter white house applesauce

have ya'll done this deal?
harris teeter has the 24 oz jar of whitehouse applesauce on sale for 2/$3.
use the 75¢/2 coupon from the 8/16 ss.
final price 75¢/2 or 37.5¢ each!
cups are on sale too, $1.79.
final price on those would be $1.33/2 or 66.5¢ each.

cheap shrimp at harris teeter

DH and i took a trip to the davidson harris teeter this morning.
this week, harris teeter has EZ peel white shrimp (51-60 count/lb) on sale for $3.99 in the seafood department.
we got a pound and asked the guy to steam them for us.
while we were waiting, we saw a wine display close by.
on the bottles of wine were $1 off shrimp coupons.
the wine was $11.99 i think, too pricey for me!
so i read the coupon, NO WINE PURCHASE NECESSARY.
we did buy a cheaper bottle of wine, and the coupon did not beep.
if you don't buy wine, just show the cashier that the coupon says you don't have to buy the wine.

chik fil a calendar, a real deal this time!

read jenny's post here
about how to get a free
chik fil a calendar.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

one more harris teeter tidbit!

i forgot to tell you that harris teeter has their brand of frozen fruit
on sale for $1.87!
that's for a pound of berry medley, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, or 12 oz of raspberries. we love frozen fruit for smoothies. and i'm pretty sure this is a great deal.
*they have peaches and cherries too!

sunday paper coupon preview 11/8

looks like there will be 2 inserts this week.
to see the breakdown, go here to southern savers.
thanks jenny!

harris teeter tidbits 11/5

went over to the mooresville harris teeter this morning while DD was at her njoy science class.
i was super careful with the coupons i chose to use, didn't even try any "do not doubles".
they were out of the heinz ketchup.
and the bagels that go with the "meal deal".
and the harris teeter sugar.
and muellers spaghetti.
and both kinds of tuna i had coupons for.
first i went to customer service and asked if there was a substitute for the bagels. he said, "yes, the refrigerated 5 count of harris teeter bagels".
make sure that you tell the cashier, she has to punch in some special code.
can we talk about the meal deal?
i think harris teeter has offered some good things with this weekly promotion.
some gross stuff too, but mostly good deals.
this weeks deal:
orange juice, bacon, bagels, cream cheese, and hash browns.
all for $5.99. (pick up a flyer on your way in to make sure you pick up the right stuff)
i don't think i have ever used the "meal" as a meal, but the items are great.
today for lunch, DD and i made some bagel sandwiches.
i topped mine with some turkey (from the hillshire deal a few weeks ago, it had been in the freezer), cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, and some cream cheese mixed with pampered chef all purpose dill seasoning.
DD just had cucumbers and cream cheese.
the last time i bought those HT frozen hashbrowns (they are cubed potatoes) i made a wonderful potato casserole.
dole mandarin oranges (15 oz can) on sale 5/$5. not marked, but i thought i had read that. usual price is $1.65 so with my 50¢ coupon tripled (play the flip a fruit game here), still a good deal.
but free is better, and they were :)
i got some pepperidge farms cinnamon swirl bread for 85¢ (use the 55¢ coupon in the "share something delicious" booklet from the davidson harris teeter, near the bread). i think i'll use that for a french toast dinner sunday night. maybe with the bacon from the meal deal.
mazola olive oil spray bogof or $1.49 each.
use the 50¢/1 from the 10/4 ss.
after checkout, i went and got an e-vic raincheck for my 99¢ sugar.
and another for the 2/$3 sugar.
*if you are making a trip to HT, make sure to check the lists again. they are constantly posting new stuff and updating.
hot coupon world
a full cup

pace yourselves!

harris teeter ground beef coupon

just wanted to let you guys know that the ground beef coupon (50¢/1) works fine at harris teeter. it does look kind of weird and empty, but it does not beep!

remember to cook your beef to an internal temperature of 160 degrees.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

world market printables

if you shop at world market, you will want to read jenny's post here at southern savers.
*i also got these in a flyer in wednesday's mail*

college inn broth $2 off e-vic harris teeter

did you get the e-vic email saying that you can get $2 off college inn broth?
if you did, then you are also going to want this printable $1/1 coupon here.
use zip 60160 if you don't see it. there's also a handy "brand" selection at the top of the coupon site.
this broth sells for $3.19 at harris teeter.

food lion 11/4-11/10

almost forgot about food lion with the excitement of harris teeter triples...oops!
anyway, there's not too much to be excited about with food lions specials this week.
southern savers
clipper girls saving spot
we use coupons
coupon kim

good deals at walmart

i don't enjoy walmart.
but in sunday's flyer, i saw that they had great value butter for $1.50.
butter is a staple in my house and i was almost out.
so DH and i went last night to the mooresville walmart.

i had 5 coupons with me.
i left my coupon box at home because half of the coupons were spread out over the table in the den, getting ready for HT triples!

as we walked in, there was a mountain of beautiful sweet potatoes, 48¢/lb!
campbell's cream of whatever soups on sale for 58¢.
use the printable $1/2 coupon available in the database.
over the moon milk, was $2, now only $1.66!
do you have any $1/1 coupons left from the 10/18 ss?
i think there is a printable too.
got the butter $1.50/lb.
panoxyl soap, great for teens with acne, it really works!
it's in the cosmetic section $5.97.
use the $2/1 in the 9/13 ss.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

bottom dollar $10/$30

a few weeks ago, i received an email from a reader asking me what i thought of aldi and bottom dollar. i told her that i had shopped at aldi, but had never been in the bottom dollar.
so this weekend, DH and i ran in to pick up one thing.
i noticed that they had a decent produce section.
it's actually a "produce cave" COLD IN THERE!
remember i told you about the $10/$30 coupon i got in the mail from bottom dollar?
i had originally thought that i would use it at harris teeter (that is allowed!) but decided to go to bottom dollar on plaza drive and load up on produce.

coming out of my no spend month, i NEEDED it!

the prices were great i thought.
the quality good to great.
(click on the picture for a closer look!)
and everything i saw was from the USA, which to me means that it is fresher and the pesticide levels are regulated.
here's a few examples:
bananas 39¢/lb
red onion 99¢/lb
yellow squash $1.49/lb
portabella mushroom caps (3 in a pkg) $1.98
cabbage 33¢/lb
grape tomatoes $2.49
baking potatoes 89¢/lb
lemons 33¢
eggplant $1.29/lb
bosc pears $1.29/lb
cucumbers 44¢
roma tomatoes 97¢/lb
celery $1.29
jalepeno peppers 99¢/lb
red grapes $1.99/lb
strawberries $2.49
3 lb yellow onion $1.69
milk $2.33
half and half (16 oz) $1.38

i tried to keep my total at $30, but i went over by $5.36
so, i used my coupon and with tax, paid $25.87 for all that!

*things to know about bottom dollar*
-you must have a membership card to use that coupon. go here to sign up and get a printable one until they mail you the real one. they have an email you can sign up for too.
-they charge for grocery bags (5¢ each), so bring your own or use one of the boxes that they have free at the entrance. produce bags are free.
-they do accept manufacturer coupons. although i think the things i use coupons on i could get cheaper at harris teeter with a sale and double coupons.

so it was a great experience :)
thanks to kim for the tip!

harris teeter TRIPLES 11/4-11/10

i'm gonna repost some of the lists and add the new ones here:

southern savers (deals from ad)
southern savers (good deals anyway)
hot coupon world
hot coupon world (good deals anyway)
coupon kim
a full cup (remember to edit preferences to triple coupons to 0.99)
the deal scoop (with a spreadsheet!)

target toy coupons now available online

not sure if our target ever had the toy coupon book, but now you can print the coupons online!
go here to read mercedes post.
and here's jenny's post with deals!
jenny is the BEST!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

mccormick spice money maker next week at HT

mccormick catalina going on now!
McCormick spices, herbs, or extracts only during purchase dates.
Buy 2 get $1
Buy 3 get $2
or Buy 4 or more and get a $3 coupon off your next order
All items must be purchased in one shopping order.

next week, buy 4 mccormick
parsley $1.49
chili powder $1.55
black pepper $1.65
and there are lots of others for $1.99

spend as little as 49¢ oop and get back $3.

use 3 50¢/1 from the 11/1 rp and 1 printable from [($1/1) use zip 43085] to make a little cha ching.

let the planning begin!

here's the HT ad for this week!
hot coupon world
and, the good deals anyway (GDA) list kelloggs cereal

check jenny's post on coupons for this weeks target cereal, priced at $2.66.
also noted in some of the comments, you can collect those special K tokens for your $10 jeans coupon.
another comment on getting the cereal for 66¢ was buying one box at a time so you can stack the target coupon with the manufacturer coupon.

lectric shave coupon

lectric shave coupon
if your man likes this,
mine does,
good for bloom super doubles!