Saturday, October 10, 2009

frugal saturday night

a wise woman
(whom i saw at food lion)
once told
me that wine was
as essential as drain opener!

tonight we had a fabulous evening with the family. DH and i went out shopping this afternoon. went to harris teeter and got a free redbox movie (use code DVDONME...ghosts of girlfriends past...i was pretty good) and some nestle cookies for 57¢.
then to walmart for some $3 wine. the brand is oak creek and the shiraz is awesome! i think it's my new favorite.
anyway, we all settled in for a movie, some freshly baked cookies, and DH and i sipped a glass of wine.
now that's relaxation!

printable coupons

here's a great list from shellie at saving with shellie.
i need some no yolks.
come on triples...!

target ad 10/11-10/18 cheap chicken!

here is the target preview from hot coupon world.

go to (zip 55555) to print a couple $1/1 gold n plump chicken coupons for $1.49 boneless skinless chicken breasts!
stretching a buck
attention target shoppers
it's hip 2 save

keebler toy coupon voucher

be on the lookout for specially marked packages of keebler cookies and crackers that have a "toy voucher token" on them. collect 5 and you can send off for a $10 check good on toys.
read together we save's post for some available coupons.
this deal is good until 12/31/2010 or while supplies last.

full list of participating products:
Keebler® Sandies® Simply Shortbread cookies (12 ct/16 oz)
Keebler® Sandies® Chocolate Chip & Pecan Shortbread cookies (16 oz)
Keebler® Sandies® Pecan Shortbread cookies (Specially Marked)
Sunshine® Cheez-It® Party Mix (13 oz)
Keebler® Club® Crackers (16 oz)
Keebler® Town House® Original Crackers (16 oz)
Keebler® Club® Snack Sticks Original Crackers (12 oz)
Keebler® Toasteds® Party Pack Cracker Assortment (12 oz)
Keebler® Town House® Flipsides® Cheddar (11.7 oz)
Keebler® Town House® Flipsides® Original Crackers (11.7 oz)
Keebler® Sandies® Dark Chocolate Almond cookies (14.5 oz)
Keebler® Town House Toppers® Multi-Grain (13.5 oz)
Keebler® Sandies® Cashew Shortbread (14.5 oz)
Keebler® Town House® Flipsides® Garlic Herb (11.7 oz)
Keebler® Town House Toppers® Original Crackers (13.5 oz)
Keebler® Town House Toppers® Garlic & Herb (13.5 oz)

at the keebler website, there are other promotions going on too.
check it out here.

Friday, October 9, 2009

eggo pancake deal at target

if you like eggo pancakes, and you are going to target today or tomorrow, you may want to have these coupons just in case...details here.
target eggo coupon here.

HOME made simple

it's time for the new home made simple coupon book.
go here to sign up.
i always get free dish soap with these coupons and super doubles or triples.
thanks lori at moms by heart.

herbal essence shampoo giveaway...if you are up at 11:30 PM!

this is a nice giveaway, for a coupon by mail for a free bottle of shampoo or conditioner.
read about it here at southern savers.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

no spend challenge day 8

we are doing pretty well!

my husband's brother invited him to a treat of golf in the mountains today, so in return we had BIL and SIL over for dinner. it is always great to spend time with them. dinner involves a little more planning because BIL is gluten-intolerant.
so i baked the chicken i bought last week at HT. it was lovely! stuffed with a lemon i had and rubbed with olive oil, sprinkled with garlic and onion seasoning.
i had a half a box of quinoa (which is a gluten free grain) and made this recipe for quinoa with chickpeas and tomatoes. it was really good. i substituted a can of diced tomatoes (drained them and used the juice as part of the quinoa cooking water) and topped with feta cheese i had.
also made some mixed veggies and butternut squash topped with maple syrup, walnuts, and butter.
had all that in the freezer.
the only thing i had to buy was a lime for the quinoa recipe!

i went to target today while DD was at her homeschool science class. if you live in the area, the organization is njoyscience. they offer a great biblically-based hands-on program at a reasonable cost.
anyway, used another one of my $5 target gift cards to buy hamburger buns, chicken boullion, sour cream, a lemon, a lime, a box of tissues (had 50¢ up&up coupon from home mailer), and bumble bee tuna pouch (on sale $1 each, coupon $1/1 from got the 5¢ credit for bringing my reusable bag.
total spent 39¢

later i went to food lion to do the mccormick deal again. bought 2 garlics and 2 parsleys. had 4 $1/1 coupons. the cashier was messing with the catalina machine and it was stuck. so i told her i was supposed to get a $3 oyno coupon. there was a guy behind me so she asked me to wait a second. i walked over to the customer service desk, new book over there "seasonal wellness", coupons in back! then the bagger girl came up behind me and handed me $3 cash!
our rocky river promenade food lion is awesome!
also bought a smart option milk which qualified me for a free milk next time i go.
spent $4.72.

coupon preview sunday 10/11

here's what we will be getting in sunday's paper.
from jenny at southern savers.

printable coupons

found this website, from ginger at attention target shoppers, called attention coupon clippers. it's a coupon blog with lots of links to printables.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

take your reusable bags to target for a 5¢ credit!

forgot to post this...
target now will now give 5¢ credit for each reusable bag you use.
doesn't have to be a "target" bag.
they have a little barcode posted beside the register, so make sure your cashier scans it.

food lion mccormick spices

did you know that spices are full of antioxidents?
here are the top 7:
Red Pepper
Yellow Curry
went up to food lion, hoping to get some cheap spices.
ad says only "select" spices are 30% off.
none of the ones i needed were "select".
oh well.
i bought 2 curry (3.63), 1 italian seasoning (1.90), 1 bay leaf (2.77).
i'm thinking the italian seasoning did not work for the catalina (see right sidebar), because i only got $2 off of my next shopping order.
i was able to print some more coupons from, so i will try to figure out which ones ARE on sale and repeat the catalina.
but i really did need those spices!
spent $8.17.

product review -whink hair clog blaster

my 14 yo DD has the most incredible hair.
she got it from her daddy.
this is actually a photo she took of herself...
(how'd she do that?)
more of her photos here.

anyway, you can imagine that this fabulous mane wreaks havoc on our shower drain. but i have found a great product, i've only seen it at food lion. it's called whink hair clog blaster. it works like a dream. a bit pricey at $7.19 a bottle (you use 1/2 a bottle for treatment of a slow drain).
still, cheaper than a plumber!

food lion treasure hunt

take your kids to food lion today for a treasure hunt.
you see, the new blinkie machines came yesterday and you could find some good coupons.
DH and i went late last night to get drain cleaner (i am NOT including that in my no spend totals!)
and found coupons for:
glade candles, bogo
50¢/1 ronzoni pasta
25¢/1 rotel tomatoes
$1/1 froot loops or apple jacks
55¢/1 nestle cookie dough (on sale bogo at HT this week)
$1/1 crisco olive oil (food lion had one variety on clearance for $3.41)

unlike the blinkie machines at harris teeter, whose coupons are coded with a "9" and do not double, these coupons are coded with a "5" which means they will double at harris teeter.

have fun!

buying coupons

here's an excellent post from shellie at saving with shellie, about buying coupons. this is one thing i am missing during my "no spend month" as i usually purchase 2-4 sets of coupons from ebay each month.
here's another post that i did.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

free candle, $100 American Express, or $3.50/1 coupon from glade

go here to read jenny's post on the glade candle game.
you could win a free candle, a $100 gift card or just print a coupon.
be on the lookout for these candles bogof.
this product is also eligible for the SC Johnson $5 rebate.

harris teeter 10/7-10/13

here's the preview from a full cup.
lists to follow!
hot coupon world
southern savers

Monday, October 5, 2009

harris teeter NO super doubles or triples this week

FYI...i have been checking the boards regularly and today someone posted that they have seen the ad and there will be no super doubles or triples this week. i think i'm happy?

so far, so great!

day 5 has come and gone almost painlessly. it was a dreary day and i baby sat my friend's precious baby girl for a few hours and helped my SIL with some couponing questions. time passed quickly. the only difficult time was when a boy from our neighbor came over selling stuff for a fundraiser for his school.
it was hard to say "no".

DH did confess that he spent 74¢ on a cup of coffee while meeting with a friend.

the weekend (days 3 and 4) were pretty good too. i did go to food lion to buy some papers, but with the $3 off snuggle coupons (which made the snuggle free) i felt it was a good investment. and when i walked in, i scanned my MVP card at the kiosk and got $1 off my order! lots of good coupons this weekend. oikos yogurt, coffee filters, and buitoni pasta to name a few of my favorites! spent $11.79 to buy 3 papers, a pack of chicken (it's just so cheap!), snuggle (4 of them), and milk.
had to go to target to pick up a prescription and picked up a few things but used one of my $5 gift cards that i have been hoarding from some of the gift card deals.
spent 63¢ at target on hamburger buns, raisins, sour cream, and a cucumber.

i have decided to share some of my "stockpile" dinners with you through out the month. this could get interesting toward the end!
tonight we had baked ziti, salad, and bread.
for sunday dinner (see photo), i made some orange chicken using some oj concentrate that i have had in my freezer for a while. it was great. instead of fresh rosemary, i used some pampered chef rosemary spice blend i have also had for a while. i made some frozen brocolli and wild rice that we get for free all the time. at the top of the plate is some acorn squash that i bought at the farmer's market 2 weeks ago.
saturday, we had a neighborhood cookout and i took baked mac and cheese.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

are you going to buy the snow white movie?

here's a deal for you if you are planning on buying this movie.
it comes out tuesday.
from common sense with money.

comment from erin:
This was a good deal! I got the movie for 9.99 with the coupon and then I bought hefty plates (50ct) for 1.97 and used a .50 coupon on those so really just 1.47. Just for doing that, I will receive 5 dollars from hefty when I mail in the rebate with my receipt!....

free tea sample

free (by mail) chai tea latte mix.
go here!
thanks to common sense with money.

food lion preview 10/7-10/13

here's the preview from hot coupon world.

and...are ya'll sick of me blogging about mccormick spices?
according to this preview, the spices will be 30% off next week at food lion.
the $1/1 printable is still available at (zip 30013).
sometimes our ad is a little different than the one posted.
catalina runs through 10/11 (i haven't tried this but have seen it posted that it works).

food lion free snuggle fabric softener

in today's red plum (charlotte observer), there is a $3/1 coupon for ANY snuggle fabric softener. food lion has these on sale this week 2/$6 or $3 each. the picture on the coupon is the blue box or bottle but since it states ANY, this works on the snuggle "creme" type as well. food lion is currently sold out of the dryer sheets in the blue box, but had a few left of the creme kind. this coupon is also good on liquid type, also on sale for $3. if they are sold out, get a raincheck!

harris teeter cheap college inn broth

at the bottom of my harris teeter e-vic email this week i saw that i can get $2 off college inn broth.
pair this with the $1/1 printable at (use zip 01235) for 19¢ chicken broth!

target 10/4-10/10

here are a few target lists and deals....
hot coupon world
attention target shoppers (poptart deal, kellogg's, SC johnson rebate)
krazy coupon lady