Saturday, September 19, 2009

target ad for 9/20-9/26

here's the preview. lists to follow!
my frugal adventures
krazy coupon lady
coupon mom
coupon gal

build-a-bear coupon $5 off

go here to read deal seeking mom's post about a printable $5 off coupon for build-a-bear. i know there is a store at northlake mall. the cheapest bears are $10-12, so if you can get out without buying the outfit, a great deal!
there was also a clippable coupon in the 8/30 SS.

smiles from my email

got a couple of emails this week that i wanted to share.

first from my friend E, who is a SAHM with a hard working teacher/coach husband and two fabulous kiddos.
she sent me this photo of her great trip.
she got all this for $8.78 plus coupons good for $3 off next purchase of beef or chicken, and $3 off your next order! way to go E!

next, my friend J had a question about doing the general mills deal again. i clarified for her that you can do it once per day. so she did. a quote from J,
"I am going to soon need a 12 step program for coupon addiction."

hee hee :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

harris teeter great deal on lunchmeat

just found out about some printable coupons to make a great deal on lunchmeat. read about it here!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

treat yourself to a (cheap) cold beverage at harris teeter!

just found this link to print a 25¢/1 coupon for sobe,
and one for pepsi products too.
sobe lifewaters are on sale for $1 this week, with tripled coupon... 25¢!
*sobe's are located in the drink cooler near the produce*
pepsi's at the checkout are $1.19.
put on your reading glasses to see other products printed on this coupon that are included!
go here for these coupons.

thanks to our good friend jenny at southern savers for these and more coupons (see her post here).

coupon inserts for this sunday 9/20

here is the preview from jenny at southern savers.
jenny is so wonderful...she even puts them in alphabetical order!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

harris teeter triples day one

had a great trip to harris teeter (davidson) this morning!
did the general mills deal, the old el paso deal and the green giant deal!
saw a few friends including one adorable cookie-faced little girl :)
i got all this for $10.36.
but my catalinas for the old el paso and the green giant didn't print.
oh no!
but our davidson harris teeter is so awesome.
i went to customer service to ask about it.
she gave me $6.12 in cash!

here's what i got for my $4.26
2 taco seasoning
1 taco shell
3 refried beans
2 hidden valley ranch dressing
3 barilla whole grain penne
3 barilla plus penne
3 barilla picolini penne
5 green giant frozen veggies
1 buitoni pasta
4 yoplait delights (lemon, yummy!)
2 amy's organic spinach pizza (on sale bogof...use $1/2 from the "nature's place" magazine available at bloom or food lion)

*got a tip from my friend L that the manager didn't know it was triples this week.
next truck comes in friday night, so everything should be restocked saturday morning.

food lion 9/16-9/22

if you have any energy left from HT triples, here are the food lion lists!
southern savers
clipper girl
coupon mom

Monday, September 14, 2009

LUVS diaper $5 coupon by mail

go here, join the luvs network and get a $5 coupon by mail.

harris teeter triples ad 9/16-9/22

here's the preview! from a full cup.
southern savers (ad matchup)
southern savers ultimate list
hot coupon world
clipper girl (freebies)

get ready for holiday baking

here's a post from jen at hot coupon world about a new mccormick spice catalina. (update* use zip 29301 at

$1/1 coupon in the 8/30 RP
printable here for $1/1.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

let the harris teeter triple frenzy begin!

there are lots of lists and combinations and double dips and money makers posted on hot coupon world forums. for instance....
old el paso buy 6- get $3 off chicken or beef
general mills buy 15 get $5 off instantly (and the old el paso items are included in this!)
green giant boxed veggies moneymaker????

and here's the good deal list.

will post the ad when it is available!