Wednesday, June 9, 2010

harris teeter coupon penguin citings!

i can't believe it, but there are reports of the coupon penquin!
this is a cardboard penquin covered in coupons. have you seen him???
erin said...
Yes, I saw him at the Mooresville HT today. He is back by the cheese and butter. Lots of good coupons!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

harris teeter 6/9- 6/15

this week's lists:
hot coupon world
couponer 101
southern savers

harris teeter free milk catalina

heard about this on the other blogs but wanted to make sure it was a go for us.
free milk catalina prints after scanning the smart balance milk 1/2 gallon.
i went to the davidson harris teeter.

here's how to do the deal:

use the self checkout.
scan your 1/2 gallon of smart balance milk. (this was on sale last week, but that really doesn't matter).
after you scan the milk, a catalina for FREE half gallon of smart balance milk appears.
choose the "pay now" option.
it will ask if you have coupons.
choose "yes" and give the free coupon to the checkout person.
you will end up with a balance of 7¢ (tax)!!!

i have no idea how long this will last...

i don't know if you would get more than one free milk coupon if you scanned them all in the same transaction. i did 3 separate transactions and got 3 half gallons of milk for 21¢.
also, a catalina for $2 off 2 half gallons will print.
save for later!