Saturday, March 7, 2009

kashi is awesome!

a week or so ago, i wrote to the kashi company and told them how much i enjoy their products, and how they had helped me loose 60 lbs and keep it off for 10 years. today in the mail i received a whole envelope of great coupons!
this is an example of how contacting a company can really pay off. i'm starting to understand how those coupon ladies on TV end up with such a low cost for their shopping trip. it's not just cutting coupons or even printing them. it is a strategic game! i'm in!

so, go take a look in your cupboard and start contacting some companies that your family likes. see what happens.
here's a start:

Friday, March 6, 2009

i love target!

today's trip:
huggies wipe refill pack $5.99
printable coupon $5.00 at
(no registration necessary!)
total 0.99!

two london broils
one for 0.37, one for .89!
use the target coupons at or the target coupon generator at

2 @ 0.54 each
target coupon 0.50$/2
total 0.29 each!

total OOP $3.24
don't you love it when the cashier says "wow"?

even my 13 year old daughter was impressed.
now if i could only learn to say "no" to her starbucks request....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

my $20 (and 0.70) trip to the mooresville target

here are the bargains i found today at the mooresville target:

renuzit odor neutralizer on sale for 3/5$
target printable coupon 1$/1
mfc 1$/1

kashi crackers and bars still a lot of them 2/5$
print some coupons from the target coupon generator at for 1$ off each box
then visit shellie's blog for another kashi coupon good for 2$/1 cereal bar.
thanks shellie!

i got some crackers too, and used a coupon i got from the nature's place magazine i snagged at food lion.

got some naked juice regularly 2.99. coupon good for 2$/2 from

print a couple of the meat saving coupons from the target generator and save 2$ off each package. i got a london broil for 0.69 and a roast for $1,49! look for the small packages.

got some free body wash from gillette. look for the 8.4 oz size and use the coupon from the 3/1 P&G insert, good for $2 off, this makes them free!

also found some ojai cook all natural mayonaisse in "lemonaise" and "latin lemonaise". these were $1.81 each they are fabulous for tuna or coleslaw for fish tacos! i was almost out, and thrilled to find these!

have you tried rachel's yogurt? on sale at target for 0.60 each. coupon in the 2/22 SS insert. it is so yummy, with flavors like vanilla chia, plum honey lavender, and pink grapefruit lychee. it's all natural and all delicious!

i would like to give a shout out to clipper girl , hip2save, and attention target shoppers for lots of great information and links!

this is so fun :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

depression cooking and great stories

i heard about this fabulous grandma who has allowed her grandson to make videos of her cooking food that she ate growing up in the depression. she reminds me so much of my grandma, she even has the same pots and pans! with the state of our economy, this is very relevant, and heartwarming too.

all you magazine

i discovered this magazine called "all you" a few weeks ago. it's a really neat magazine, including articles on fashion, health, beauty, family, cooking, and saving money. it's filled with coupons and it's cheap. only $2.24! available at walmart or by subscription only. check out their website:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

printable coupon sites

one thing i have discovered over the past two months, since i became a serious saver, is that you can find a printable coupon for just about anything if you look hard enough. a lot of these sites update on the first of the month. also, note that these coupons only have a certain number of prints, so the good ones disappear after a few days.
some of my favorite sites are:

sometimes i feel like a counterfeiter, with all the "money" that i print off my computer!