Tuesday, October 19, 2010

what to do if you do not get the catalina printout you were expecting

how frustrating it can be.
you shop specifically to get that magic coupon printout at the end that will give you money off the next time you shop.
and then it doesn't pop out :(

first of all, always look at the catalina machine as you are checking out to make sure that little green light is on, meaning the machine is working properly.
last week at harris teeter, the light was on, but others were blinking.
before the transaction completed, i said something to the cashier.
sure enough, the paper was jammed.
she fixed it, and my catalinas printed fine.
saving me and customer service a lot of trouble!

okay here goes:

the email address is

send them an email with:
-store name and address
-time you were there
-what you bought
-the catalina you were expecting
-your vic or mvp card #
-the set of numbers that appears after the date and time you were there
should look something like this 0268 60 0132 7022
-your name and address

or you can call (24 hours after your purchase)
1-888-8coupon, option 3

you should get your cat in the mail within a week.

thanks to uummm at HCW for this valuable advice!

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