Saturday, June 6, 2009

food lion 6/6

we had to go to food lion to get milk.
it was 2.69, but i got the 25¢ back with the register printout.
it worked this time!

>also, kraft mac and cheese was 2/1$
i used a b3g1free coupon (if you are using firefox, change the "vi" to a "vg" in the web address) and the cashier credited me $1.19 which is the REGULAR price of mac and cheese!
so 4 boxes for 81¢!

>got the food lion peanut butter, on sale for 1.89
used food lion printable for 1$ off that and the 25¢ off my next order!

>finally, food lion gum on sale for 34¢
then got the 25¢ back on my next order!
9¢ gum!

cvs diaper deal

soon, i am going to get on the cvs bandwagon.
i mean, it's so close to us, it would be convenient.
looks like they have some great deals if you know how to play the game.
this week is a diaper deal.
read about it from jenny at

bj's milk price increase

have milk prices gone up?
i usually go to bj's to buy milk for $1.98. went today and it was 3$!
so, i'm gonna try food lion.
remember if you buy the food lion brand milk, you get 25¢ back in register coupons.

things i do like to buy at bj's:
>fresh organic spinach
1 lb for 4.99

>grape tomatoes
2 lb for 4.49

>frozen cooked salad shrimp
2 lb for 9.99
we use these for pastas, shrimp and grits, shrimp tacos, or just to dip in cocktail sauce.
i'm gonna try grilling soon. these are preservative-free.
just shrimp and salt.

is your mail boring?

here's a website that will bring some excitement to your mailbox. it's called and you can register for free samples and coupons! here is a link to the food and cooking section (my personal favorite) but take a look around and see what interests you.

Friday, June 5, 2009

target preview ad for 6/7

from neekyme at saavy dollar!
here's the ad.
nothing too exciting...

unexpected excellent trip to target

DD had to be at church 2 hours early for her first concert of the season, it was close to target, so i decided just to go look around and see what i could find.

i was happy when i saw strawberries were on sale for $1.88. a great price, but when combined with the 1$/1 strawberry target printable, extraordinary!
good thing i was prepared with my coupons.
88¢ each

since i was getting the strawberries, i decided to pick up another box of the hefty fresh extend bags. still on sale for $1.87.
-1.00 manufacturer coupon (blinkie or 5/17 ss)
-1.00 target printable
13¢ overage!

then i got 2 more free degree deodorants
see post here.
16¢ overage x 2 = 32¢ overage!

next... aquafresh toothpaste
reg price 1.97
-1.00 target printable exp 6/6
-1.00 manufacturer printable (try
i made 3¢!

then i got 2 boxes of morningstar chick'un for $1.00 each [coupon (try here) + target printable 2$/2]

total OOP for the trip $3.64 and NO coupon beeps :)

other items of interest:
family pack chicken pieces (with bones) 3.99
glade oil candles 1.87. rumor has it that there may be 1.50 coupons inside!
*update* there ARE coupons inside some of the candles. hurry!
(and don't be surprised if you get this for your birthday :)

for those of you with babies...

this looks like a good deal to me. see what you think.
amazon is running a "save up to 30%" on pampers diapers. they are having a 15% off deal until june 15. combine this with the "subscribe and save" program they have for up to 30% off!
i have used the subscribe and save program on a few things. i just opt for the every 6 months choice and then cancel if i don't want the item any more. no strings! on the other hand, you can always get them to send your next order early if you need it sooner than 6 months.
or the better deal may be to go for the pampers mega pack of size 3 204 diapers (not eligible for subscribe and save) and take the 15% off, that makes it 38.24 for 204 diapers or 18.7¢ per diaper. no tax and no shipping charges! check it out here.
they are also offering discounts on Luvs! they are only 15¢ per diaper for size 3 (204 diapers).

Thursday, June 4, 2009

a great idea from jen at hot coupon world

jen suggests that we take a few minutes to thank harris teeter for doing triples. she adds that as long as they do it, other stores will too! you can go here for the form.

free windex saves the day!

you know all that free windex we get at harris teeter?
well, mine came in quite handy today.
DS was in the school gym, standing up against the wall, AND leaning right on a piece of chewed gum. nasty. gum was ground into his baseball hoodie. again, nasty.
i tried the "freezer" method, trying to chip it off.
no luck.
so i turn to my trusty friend, google. ( those of you who know me, know that i will google anything that pops into my head!)
what i learned, and it REALLY WORKED, is that windex and a toothbrush will take that gum right out of the hoodie. it makes it kind of bead up and release from the fabric.
so put that into your bank of knowledge :)

coupon preview 6/7

coupon preview from jenny at southern savers.
i see free toothpaste, toothbrush, and cheap dishwasher detergent!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

jenny's (southern savers) harris teeter list

here is a list of harris teeter coupon match-ups from jenny at southern savers.
pasta coupon link!

free oil candle tin

go here to try to win a free oil candle tin from right@home.
first 10,000 get one!

food lion update

thank you food lion!
got a letter today profusely apologizing for not printing my coupons for the food lion private brand sale. included were coupons for $1.25 off my next purchase.
looks like you get 25¢ for each food lion brand you buy.
that was quick too :)

harris teeter match-ups from a clipper girl's savings spot

i love barbara's lists because she gives the final price and i don't have to think so much :)

harris teeter triples final totals

i couldn't help it.
i just had to add it all up.
for the week, i spent $48.34 and got $261.25 worth of groceries!
that's an 81% savings!
how did you do?

target money maker deodorant

i mentioned that there may be some free deodorant at target.
better, it's a money maker!
the degree deodorant is located on the top shelf in the deodorant isle and is priced at $2.34.
so -$1.50 target printable, -$1.00 coupon from the 5/17 RP= 16¢ moneymaker!
see original post here.

the dry idea roll-on is $2.49 fyi.

also, if you were considering doing the tombstone pizza deal (details here), target has a good price of $3.54. this is cheaper than food lion's sale price of 2/8$. using the 1$/2 printable coupons, not bad for the "i'm-starving-feed-me" lunches we have after church.

flip video camera cheap at amazon

all over the blogs...
flip video camera from amazon for $49.99.
(free shipping, too)
saw these at target for $179!
father's day?

free one night rental from harris teeter and redbox

red box is the movie rental "machine" that looks like a soda machine. it is located up front near the check out area in the mooresville store. not sure about the davidson store, haven't paid attention!
from the harris teeter website:

Free One-Night Rental From Redbox

Get a FREE one-night rental from Redbox
for every three (3) Kellogg's, Keebler, Eggo
or Sunshine products purchased between
June 3 and June 30, 2009 in a single shopping order.
All items must be purchased in one shopping order.
Limited to product in stock. Offer expires 6/30/2009.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

free root beer float (if you are still awake!)

the buzz all over the internet is that sonic drive-in is offering free 10 oz root beer floats from 8pm-midnight on wednesday june 3!
more info here.

harris teeter sneak peek 6/3-6/9

here's the harris teeter ad for tomorrow from hot coupon world!

Monday, June 1, 2009

problem with the food lion brand sale....

went to food lion tonight to get some cheap hot dog buns and chips using my food lion internet printables, and earn some money back for my next trip. details of this deal here.
used the scan kiosk to try my luck there.
got a 60¢ off of food lion shredded cheese. it was on sale for $1.79! got that.
went to check out, expecting my coupon for $1.25 off my next order (yes, there are reports of 25¢ for each food lion item purchased). no luck. talked to the manager, she said she can't do anything at the store level, call corporate. UGH!
to be continued....

possible free/cheap deodorant at target

thanks to cha ching queen for heads up on these deals.

>men's degree deodorant $2.49
$1.50 target printable here
combined with the 1$/1 coupon from the 5/17 RP
=free if our store has this price!

>dry idea deodorant $2.00
printable at here for 2$/1
our store hasn't had this price in a while, but maybe it's back!

burt's bees lipbalm giveaway

burt's bees is turning 25. and to celebrate, they are giving away 1000 free lip balms every day from now until june 20th. it could happen at anytime between 9 and 12 each day. so go here and try!
thanks to shellie at saving with shellie.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

triples deals for today's coupons

here's a forum from hot coupon world discussing new harris teeter triples deals with today's coupons.

have you signed up for these coupon books?

it's always so fun to open up your mailbox and find money (i mean coupons!).
here's a list ginger (attention coupon clippers) put together of places to join.
i also like vocal point which is a marketing company that will send you coupons for free items and extra coupons for your friends! so far i have gotten kashi waffles and frosted mini wheats.

target 5/31-6/6 chicken and chik'un

do you have enough chicken in your freezer?
how about chik'un?
deals at target today...

>whole chicken on sale for $3.49
-1.00 manufacturer coupon
-1.00 target printable
how about 1.59¢ for a 3.5 lb chicken?!

>20 0z pack of boneless skinless chicken on sale for 3.99
-1.00 target printable
2.99 or 2.39/lb

>morningstar farm veggie items (burgers, chicken strips, chicken nuggets, etc) on sale for 3$
sign up for the morningstar farms insider and they MAY send you a coupon (print twice by using your back button) for either 1$/1 or $1.50/1 coupon.
combine this with the target printable which is 2$/2 for a good deal on "chik'un".
my favorites are the veggie sausage patties, spicy black bean burgers, mini corn dogs, and chik'un patties.
you can also try this link for the morningstar coupon.

>another deal that i have been doing is with the target printable that states,
"1$ off with purchase of both produce item and 20 ct hefty fresh extend bags".
these bags are supposed to be for produce, but the only difference i can see is they are green. they are "one zip" bags, so you can stack the target coupon with the 1$/1 hefty one zip bag from the 5/17 SS. there are also blinkies for 1$/1 that i found at food lion.
these are on sale for $1.87 at our store.
$1.87 for bags and pick up a produce item (how about strawberries and use the 1$ off target printable?)
-$1.00 manufacturer's coupon
-$1.00 target coupon
good deal!

for more deals and match-ups, see ginger's list (attention target shoppers) here, ginger's "deals around the blogosphere" here, or
or marcy's list (stretching a buck) here.