Saturday, July 25, 2009

july's almost over reminders

i can't believe august is almost here.
wanted to remind you of a few things.
-if you still have coupons for free stuff we've been sending off for, some of those expire 7/31
-the kraft mac and cheese catalina at harris teeter and food lion ends 7/26
-print coupons from the coupon printing sites, as they may change on 8/1
-go through your coupons to see if there's anything you want to use before it expires on 7/31

end of summer penne

i don't have a garden...but i have friends who do!
this is an fabulously frugal recipe that i made for dinner last night using some amazing tomatoes that my sister-in-law gave me. i had picked up a small eggplant at the farmer's market last weekend and i got a zucchini at food lion with my 2$/5 food lion printable. it also uses fresh basil and mint, which i have in my herb garden. i already had the cheeses and garlic in my stockpile.
my recipe here.
rachel ray's original recipe here.

target 7/26-8/1 and new back to school coupons

come here for the target lists for this week.

cha ching queen
a lot of savings
coupon mom
saving with shellie

you can also read a post from marcy at stretching a buck about new target printables (remember you can stack target and manufacturer coupons on the same item). these are not on the hotcouponworld database yet, but i'm sure they will make it there soon.

Friday, July 24, 2009

have you done this deal yet?

this is a package of home 360 travel baby wipes from food lion.
they retail for $1.62.
use the "$1.50 off any diapers or wipes" printable here for 12¢ wipes.
i don't have to tell you that these are great for wiping hands and faces as well as bottoms. stick some in the car, diaper bag or purse...even if you don't have babies anymore!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

food lion internet printable your paper and ink! MAYBE NOT A GOOD IDEA AFTER ALL :(

well, i took some of my food lion printables today and went shopping.
all the coupons i had so "smartly" copied and pasted did not scan.
luckily the cashier pushed them through.
but you might not want to take the chance on getting a picky cashier who won't take them.
so...i would advise just printing them from jenny's (southern savers) pdf's.
i'm still learning!

sunday paper coupon preview 7/26

go here to see what you'll get! and more

i try to remember every day to check
new printables are added often.
try different zip codes to see what you can uncover!
(i use 92110 and 43805)
today i was excited to find:
cinnabon bar $1 coupon and cheez-it 75¢.
there have been some bic (pens and stuff) coupons but they come and go very quickly.
these will work nicely with harris teeters super doubles and sales.
check out this post from together we save for a great bottled water coupon and more!
more printables:
snack picks
pillsbury "simply" cookie dough

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

food lion 7/22-7/28

here are the lists for this week.
*there is another guiding stars coupon! jenny at southern savers hasn't posted it yet, but i'm sure she will*
also, the milk deal is back. see right sidebar. buy 6, get the 7th free!

i heart saving money
clipper girl saving spot
coupon mom

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

$1 cottonelle toilet paper at harris teeter!

i haven't seen this posted anywhere so i thought i would share. besides, it's a little tricky.
go to
in the bottom right corner, click "create your own"
(okay, you are going to create a pledge on how you are kind to your behind)
(yes, it's silly, but it will get you a $1 coupon!)
(just do it)
follow all the steps on the left side.
print your coupon for $1/4 pack or larger.
print it again by going back 2 clicks.
take it to harris teeter.
cottonelle on sale for $3, with doubled coupon...$1!

Monday, July 20, 2009

why i love the "buy ahead principle"

recently, my friend's husband decided to throw her an impromptu 29th birthday party.
i asked if i could bring anything and he said, "dip".
now i know from previous get togethers that he loves (we all do actually) jalapeno popper spread from allrecipes.
and, i had seen this amazing recipe for mexican layer dip on the pioneer woman's website (that's her photo, she was nice enought to let me use it!) i wanted to try that as well. it was INCREDIBLE.

anyway, the point of all this is that even though it was last minute, i had EVERYTHING i needed except for some cilantro and a hot pepper! and i had a $1 guiding stars coupon from food lion, so i spent 64¢ to make these two wonderful dishes. all the other ingredients i had gotten free or at a very low price with sales and coupons.
these are the things i had stockpiled:
cream cheese
parmesan cheese
refried beans
shredded cheese
guacamole (sorry ree, i did use wholly's good!)
sour cream
hot sauce
green chiles
grape tomatoes (i always have these on hand)
crackers and tortilla chips

looking at that picture i want to go make some right now!
don't you?

harris teeter ad for super doubles 7/22-7/28

here's the ad for this week of super doubles at harris teeter.
(e, please accept my apologies for advising you incorrectly on the mission tortillas)
lists here!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

food lion internet printable your paper and ink!


i just figured out how to print only the food lion coupons i want!
(see left side bar for the link to the coupons made possible by southern savers)
open the food lion coupon page.
click the "pdf" link for the set of coupons you want.
use the "select" tool to "crop" the coupon you want.
paste it into a word document. you can paste again and again if you want multiples of a coupon.
(on my old computer, word has to be opened before i copy the coupon).
*remember, you can only use 1 of each kind of coupon per day*