Saturday, November 21, 2009

target 11/22-11/26

*note* this ad is only good thru thanksgiving day.
i guess there will be another after that!

i've got to go get some of those del monte veggies.
on sale for 45¢
use the target coupon for $1/6 and stack with the $1/8 from the 11/15 RP.
45¢ x 8 = 3.60 -$1 target coupon =2.60 -$1 manufacturer's coupon = 1.60 or 20¢ each!
other deals here:
hot coupon world
a full cup
stretching a buck
southern savers

another great printable!

rare and wonderful coupon!
driscoll's berries.
print here
this coupon doesn't expire until 4/30/2010,
so save for a bogo or triples.

Friday, November 20, 2009

HOT printable for nature'a pride bread

hurry to to print this 75¢/1 coupon for nature's pride bread.
use zip 90210.
we love this all natural bread!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

sunday paper coupon preview 11/22

here's what we will be getting.
just one smartsource.
this may be a good weekend to invest the $2 you usually spend on extra papers to order exactly what you want from ebay.
here's a post about that.
and another from saving with shellie.

store brand coffee coupon

have you used your crispix 75¢/1 coupon yet?
i posted earlier that HT has this bogof.
use this coupon ($1/1 IE or FF) with it to get some cheap harris teeter coffee.
crispix is $1.82, harris teeter whole bean coffee $3.97.
final price $3.29 for cereal and coffee.

thanks to uummm at hot coupon world.

*note* if you use these 2 coupons together, the second one will beep because it is coded for the crispix. it will need a manager override, not a problem at all at the davidson harris teeter. the cashier i had was a new girl, and she tried to tell me i couldn't use both. i pointed out that the $1 coupon was for the COFFEE. i persisted in a nice way. she called the manager over. the manager rolled her eyes (not at me, at the coupon, apparently she had seen it before) and pushed it right through.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

operation christmas child

remember to finish up your box for
operation christmas child.
collection week is nov 16-20.
more details here.

are you buying a turkey?

here's a butterball $2/1 whole turkey coupon (
target has these 88¢/lb
harris teeter $1.29/lb
food lion 97¢/lb
bottom dollar $1.17/lb
not sure of walmart's price. if anyone goes, please post!
thank you anonymous, walmart price 88¢.

printables galore

one way to get lots of coupons for the things you like is to visit websites of those companies and get on their mailing list.
(tip: create a new email just for this. a free gmail or yahoo account works nicely)
they may have coupons right on the site or every now and then they may send you links to print coupons.
here are a few from around the blogs.
campbells/pepperidge farms
barbara's list (olive oil, organic stuff, contadina)
ginger's list
denise's list

if that's not enough, go to the coupon database and select the "printable" option under "source"!
i have discovered that with the database, unless you login, you don't see all the coupons.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

food lion 11/18-12/1

this flyer goes for 2 weeks.
this is the circular for mooresville nc stores.

here's the $1 sale flyer.

southern savers
fiddle dee dee mom
clipper girl's savings spot

3M scotch tape coupons

i'm putting these here for you...and for me.
with the ebay stuff i'm doing, i'm going through a lot of packing tape!
and you may need this for the holidays.
here's $1/1 packing tape.
and some other scotch coupons.
and some more!

walmart 29¢ beef filet

not sure if our walmart has this, but go prepared!
read mercedes post at common sense with money.
*mooresville walmart sells these for $3.98.*

Monday, November 16, 2009

kellogg cereal coupons

go here for some cereal coupons.
kelloggs crispix and rice krispies bogo at HT next week.
75¢/1 coupons for both of those!

new target printables

new target printables.
read about it here, complete with matchups!
sadly, target has changed their printable system.
no more coupon generator :(

harris teeter 11/18-11/26 regular week...

looks like a regular week at HT this week, although it will go thru thursday (thanksgiving). rumors of super doubles starting friday are being posted. we will just have to wait and see!
here's the ad from a full cup.
southern savers
budget saving mom
clipper girl

pasta calendar and coupons

head over to the mueller's site to sign up for a free calendar/planner (by mail) and coupons.
*i tried several times to register for this and it kept telling me my birthday was invalid!
so...when you register, just don't fill in your birthday and it will work fine.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

target trip 11/15 price matching

today i learned about price matching.
i was going to get some kraft marshmallows using the $1/2 target printable and a price match from walmart that would make them $1 each. the normal target price is $1.19.
i went to check out and the cashier told me that price matches have to be done at customer service, but that she could check me out, then i could get the difference refunded.
so, i paid $1.19 x 2 = $2.38 - $1 = $1.38 for 2 or 69¢ each.
then, i go to customer service to get my 38¢ price match refund and the girl is totally confused. when she rings it up to do the price match, it tells her i owe her money.
because of the crazy way the target coupons adjust the price on the receipt, it looks to her like i paid 69¢ each and the walmart price of $1 would increase the price. i laughed and told her not to worry about it, i would just go to customer service first next time.
the moral of the story is, if you have a price match, go to customer service and let them do it!

DD says it's a shame it didn't get the 38¢ back because i probaly could have bought 50 boxes of cereal with it :)

coupons in today's parade

go here to see clipper girl's post about more coupons in your paper (parade)!

if you got the statesville paper, in the USA weekend you will find coupons for
hasbro games bogof and
viva paper towels 50¢/1 2-pack or larger.