Sunday, November 8, 2009

harris teeter new deals with 11/8 coupons

new savings with today's coupons!

from the SS (smartsource)

alouette cheese crumbles (i got goat cheese and blue cheese)
on sale 3.49 and 2.99
50¢/1 coupon tripled
final price 1.49-1.99

more yeast strip coupons if you want/need them.
free after coupon and get 50¢ off your next order.

international delight coffee creamer
on sale 1.49
free after 55¢ coupon tripled.

texas toast croutons $1.59
50¢/1 coupon tripled
final price 9¢

and in the red plum (RP)

eagle brand sweetened condensed milk $1.99
55¢/1 tripled
final price 34¢

cinnabon bars $2.29
55¢ coupon tripled
final price 64¢

martha white muffin mixes bogof
55¢/2 coupon tripled
2 for free

that's what i got, what did you find?

1 comment:

  1. Chock ful of nuts coffee 13 oz. 2.10 after 75 cents tripled coupon and crisco vegetable oil is BOGO so with coupon it is 1.14 after 55 cents tripled coupon. Bakers Joy is super cheap, maybe even free with the 75 cents coupon, but they were sold out at Davidson (sorry I don't know the amount, but my little brain is fried)!