Monday, November 9, 2009

food lion kraft cheese catalina until 5/8/2010

this from PHmom at hot coupon world:

I got this catalina today and it is pretty awesome (when combined with sales and coupons, of course) so I am giving it it's own thread!

It does not give a start date so I guess it has already started but it runs all the way through May 8th 2010!!

Spend $20 on any Kraft cheese or dairy products and received a $2 grocery coupon. Purchases can be made over multiple shopping trips. I am guessing this is tied to your MVP card so they can track the purchases as well as how many coupons you receive (there is a limit of 25).

Participating brands:

Kraft singles
Kraft Natural cheese (shreds, chunk, snacking, slices)
Philadelphia cream cheese
Kraft deli fresh natural slices
Kraft deli deluxe slices
Polly-O cheese (string, mozzarella, and ricotta)
Cracker Barrel cheese
Digiorno cheese
Athenos feta
Breakstone cottage cheese and sour cream
Knudseon cottage cheese and sour cream
Kraft dips
Kraft grated parmesan
Cheeze Whiz

Small print:

After each $20 purchase requirement is met, grocery coupon will be delivered at checkout printer within one week. Limit 25 grocery coupons per participant.

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