Saturday, June 6, 2009

food lion 6/6

we had to go to food lion to get milk.
it was 2.69, but i got the 25¢ back with the register printout.
it worked this time!

>also, kraft mac and cheese was 2/1$
i used a b3g1free coupon (if you are using firefox, change the "vi" to a "vg" in the web address) and the cashier credited me $1.19 which is the REGULAR price of mac and cheese!
so 4 boxes for 81¢!

>got the food lion peanut butter, on sale for 1.89
used food lion printable for 1$ off that and the 25¢ off my next order!

>finally, food lion gum on sale for 34¢
then got the 25¢ back on my next order!
9¢ gum!

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