Friday, June 5, 2009

for those of you with babies...

this looks like a good deal to me. see what you think.
amazon is running a "save up to 30%" on pampers diapers. they are having a 15% off deal until june 15. combine this with the "subscribe and save" program they have for up to 30% off!
i have used the subscribe and save program on a few things. i just opt for the every 6 months choice and then cancel if i don't want the item any more. no strings! on the other hand, you can always get them to send your next order early if you need it sooner than 6 months.
or the better deal may be to go for the pampers mega pack of size 3 204 diapers (not eligible for subscribe and save) and take the 15% off, that makes it 38.24 for 204 diapers or 18.7¢ per diaper. no tax and no shipping charges! check it out here.
they are also offering discounts on Luvs! they are only 15¢ per diaper for size 3 (204 diapers).

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