Friday, June 5, 2009

unexpected excellent trip to target

DD had to be at church 2 hours early for her first concert of the season, it was close to target, so i decided just to go look around and see what i could find.

i was happy when i saw strawberries were on sale for $1.88. a great price, but when combined with the 1$/1 strawberry target printable, extraordinary!
good thing i was prepared with my coupons.
88¢ each

since i was getting the strawberries, i decided to pick up another box of the hefty fresh extend bags. still on sale for $1.87.
-1.00 manufacturer coupon (blinkie or 5/17 ss)
-1.00 target printable
13¢ overage!

then i got 2 more free degree deodorants
see post here.
16¢ overage x 2 = 32¢ overage!

next... aquafresh toothpaste
reg price 1.97
-1.00 target printable exp 6/6
-1.00 manufacturer printable (try
i made 3¢!

then i got 2 boxes of morningstar chick'un for $1.00 each [coupon (try here) + target printable 2$/2]

total OOP for the trip $3.64 and NO coupon beeps :)

other items of interest:
family pack chicken pieces (with bones) 3.99
glade oil candles 1.87. rumor has it that there may be 1.50 coupons inside!
*update* there ARE coupons inside some of the candles. hurry!
(and don't be surprised if you get this for your birthday :)

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