Thursday, December 10, 2009

julie (and erin) and ree

i haven't seen the movie "julie and julia" yet, but i'm gonna get it soon (free from redbox of course).
my friend erin and i are working to try a lot of ree's (the pioneer woman's) recipes.
so far, so wonderful!
here are some things we have tried:

lemon pasta
great, but don't bake it. it gets too dry.

spinach salad
good, but we decided it needs some blue cheese.

chicken strips

garlic cheese bread
loosen your jeans.

marlboro man pasta
really good.

marlboro man's second favorite sandwich
made this tonight. wonderful.

chicken spaghetti
a great comfort food.

mexican layer dip
absolutely beautiful and yummy.

my most favorite burger ever
i agree.

pasta with eggplant
i love this, i love eggplant.

pecan pie
i ate this for breakfast for 3 days after thanksgiving.

white chicken enchiladas


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