Wednesday, December 9, 2009

harris teeter buy one get one free items

i recently had an "ah-ha" moment in regards to harris teeter's buy one get one free coupon policy. as we all know, the policy states, "one coupon per buy one get one free item". i used to make way too many trips to buy one (at half price) and use my one coupon at a time.
but then i had a revelation... to buy 3 items, and use 2 coupons.
i'm sure i am saving just as much considering the amount of gas and time i was wasting the other way. and i'm still getting a good deal.
now i do this for practical things that i really need, like last week's nature's bread and skippy peanut butter.
for stuff that i really don't need stock of, like cookies and ice cream, i will continue to just buy one and use one coupon.

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