Saturday, October 24, 2009

word of mouth companies want to give you free stuff!

what's in your mailbox?

this is what has shown up in mine over the last 2 weeks.

these are from "word of mouth" companies,
vocal point and pssst!

they send me full sized products for FREE and then i have the
opportunity to go online and take surveys telling how i liked them. they also send lots of high value coupons to share!
progresso soup...a full sized can plus $1.10/1 coupons.
oil of olay pro x wrinkle smoothing cream, a 28 day supply plus $10 off coupons.
progresso panko bread crumbs plus coupons.
secret clinical strength deodorant plus coupons.
i have also gotten a lot of stuff from kashi before, including coupons for free waffles and cereal.

this is all free and there really is no commitment. i mean, i guess if you never give reviews, they may stop sending stuff.
sign up for vocal point here, pssst! here.

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