Saturday, October 24, 2009

no spend challenge day 24!

how's it going you ask?
pretty well!
last week, we spent 71.12 and that includes $25.00 for gas and $4 for papers.
this week, our total is only $66.64. $25.15 of that was gas. i got an extra paper from my MIL.
since i have been staying home so much, i am still on the tank of gas i got on 9/30! and i think i will make it through the end of the month without filling up.

yesterday i went to food lion. i didn't buy only things i needed, but things that were very good buys.
for instance, hamburger buns on sale 77¢. use the $1/2 coupon to get them for 27¢.

eggs, regular price $1.22, use the $1/1 coupon for 22¢ eggs.
DH had recently requested some instant oatmeal. on sale for $2.50 (look for the bonus pack of 12) and use the food lion coupon for $1/1.
coupons for those here.
i did need an onion, so i got that.
and i wanted to try the ground beef coupon (for you) to make sure it wouldn't beep.
so i got some g
round round (on sale for $1.88/lb) 1.07 lb for $1.51.
i was making
the special pasta for DS so i splurged on some ronzoni rigatoni, even though i could have substituted some penne i already had. it was regular price $1.39, but there are 50¢/1 blinkies right in front of them. and i got some parmesan cheese (on sale $1.79) for the pasta as well.
he loved it and said it was "scrumptious"! the cheese bread that goes with it
was to die for. i had to put on my sweats after dinner because my tummy was so full :)

this morning i went out, back to food lion for more eggs, and to check the price on some pillsbury pie crust that i needed for "pie day" at church tomorrow. food lion's price $2.59, harris teeter $3.25. picked up another small pack of ground round too.

then to harris teeter.
progresso soup bogo $1.34, used vocal point coupons to get it for 24¢
go here to sign up for vocal point, free samples and coupons in the mail!
trident layers gum free.
reese's 8 packs 40¢ (8/23 ss 55¢/1)
fun sized candy bars, the e-vic one i got for free, and the other for $1 (i used some peelies for 50¢/1 i got at target)
cheese nips on sale for $1.50 use the $1/2 coupon to get them for $1.
snapples $1.25 each. use the 55¢/1 to get them for 15¢.
HT raisins, unreal deal until 11/3, $1 for a 6 pack.
texas toast croutons on sale for $1. (there is a huge salad in my future)
duncan hines c
ake mix on sale bogof. 55¢/2 coupon makes them 34¢ each.
herbal essence mousse for DD 2/$5, and i had $1/1 coupons
picked up some more birds eye vegetables (free with 10/18 ss coupon)
sargento cheese, stew meat, and coffee creamer for DD (printable coupon here) were some other things i purchased.
i got a bunch of stuff with some good coupons and only spent $12.83.
saved $49.30.
if you go to harris teeter (davidson) look for the pepperidge farm display near the bread. there were coupon booklets there that have coupons for puff pastry, cookies, bread, and campbell soup.

dinners have been kind of boring.
frozen veggies, chicken, mac and cheese, rice, sloppy joes.
that's hard for me because i love to cook and i love trying new recipes!
one night i did make some butternut squash with cheese ravioli.
(see photo)
the recipe calls for tortellini, and it is better with tortellini, but i was thankful for the squash one of my friends brought me!

so, only a few days left. it has been a blessing that there really haven't been any great sales or coupon events.
i really don't know how the ladies who say they only spend $30/week do it. i feel like i haven't shopped at all and have spent on the average $43 on groceries.

maybe the next time i do this, i will have fiqured that out :)

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