Friday, September 17, 2010

walmart kraft cheese

i was at the mooresville walmart yesterday and noticed that they have bags of shredded kraft cheese for $2.
if you have the $5/5 printable that's a pretty good deal.
it's still available here too!

my friend went to walmart yesterday to do the cheese deal.
he said they told him that the $5/5 coupon is fraudulent.
this is not so!
if you look on the coupon, there is a 16 digit number beneath a barcode looking thing on the right side.
if you go to the coupons, inc resource page, you can enter this number to tell if your coupon is legit.
i have seen displays sending consumers to the "huddle to fight hunger" website to print this coupon.
it IS a legitimate coupon.
i have had the cashiers at walmart tell me that they will not take an internet printable that beeps. and this coupon does beep (i think because it's a high value coupon).
this is not, however, part of the walmart corporate coupon policy.
you may want to print that out and take it with you.
i think if you want to try this coupon at walmart, talk with a manager before checking out, point out the "veri-fi" code and present your case!

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