Friday, April 16, 2010

food lion 4/16

i went up to the food lion on shearer's road because it's PAYDAY!
had an awesome trip.
here's what i got:
-boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.59/lb

-london broil $1.98/lb
i tried to use the kiosk coupon scanner thing when i went in. it was out of paper i think. when i was loading my groceries into the van, i noticed a $1/$10 on butcher brand beef coupon in a cart in the parking lot. remember these coupons count the price before mvp discount, so that would have worked on the piece of beef i bought, even though i only paid $4.83 for 2.44 lb. so, try your luck at getting that coupon, or if you go today, look in the carts outside!
*UPDATE* i just got a text coupon loaded to my mvp card for $2/$10 beef!

-scotties tissues 99¢
use 2 $1/1 printable here. (make sure to select "no" in the box that asks if you are a regular user of scotties. i had to use 2 computers, it would only let me print one.
stack this with the b2g1f coupon that is in the food lion home & earth booklet located with the sales flyers at the front of the store.
3 boxes of free tissues!
look for the larger packs that are on the bottom shelf.

-free food lion simply living cereal and healthy choice meals.
have you signed up for food lion's text coupons yet?
go here for info...

text FREECEREAL to 467467 to receive a FREE Box of Food Lion Simple Living Cereal. The savings will be loaded directly onto your MVP card (up to a $2.99 value). This offer is good through 5/15.
text CHOICE to 467467 - Get $4 off 2 Healthy Choice frozen dinners added to your MVP card.
the cereal was free already, but the healthy choice dinners were on sale for $2, making them free as well! they had some "all natural" options so i got those.
also, i had a $1/2 coupon for the healthy choice dinners from the 3/28 SS.
so i made $1 :)

-brocolli $1.69/lb
-radishes $1.19/lb (try this chopped salad recipe)
-strawberries $2.50

and i am going to go back, because there is a $1/1 food lion printable jif peanut butter coupon and it is priced at $2.35, even the "natural" kind.
i'm also thinking about getting some more london broil and having them grind it into hamburger. will that work???

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