Monday, April 12, 2010

food revolution and the evolution of couponing

even though my "baby" is almost 15-years-old (gasp), i still love having playgroup with my friends once a week. hey, the Bible says you are supposed to hang out with other women and have coffee and something sweet and meaningful discussion and council as requested
(see titus 2:3-5).
topic of discussion this morning:
getting babies to sleep
babies weird dry skin
hippos that live under trees
jamie oliver's food revolution
my friend erin has been watching this show from it's beginning.
she highly recommended it. last night, DD and i watched 2 45-minute episodes on hulu.
the premise:
jamie goes into a community that has the highest obesity and death rate in the country, to try and change their way of eating....starting with the school kids.
great reality TV.
great reality check.
my SIL shannon commented that the trouble with couponing is sometimes the best deals are JUNK.
but if we can save on toilet paper, laundry detergent, and toothpaste, then we can have more money for fresh, wonderful, God-created food.
that's my plan.
check out jamie's website and sign his petition for a healthier america.
check out this coleslaw recipe, made it for dinner tonight. yummy.

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