Thursday, March 11, 2010

bottom dollar price matching and truckload sale

you guys know how much i love bottom dollar produce.
and their milk is always the cheapest ($2.29/gallon).

today i decided i would try to do some price matching.
bottom dollar will match any price
in a print ad from around town.
it's easy!
just take your circulars with you and show them to the checkout cashier as you are checking out.
i used the food lion ad to get the holly farms boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.67/lb
and an avocado for 79¢.

then i used the harris teeter ad to get
asparagus for 99¢/lb and breyers ice cream for $1.99.

this week bottom dollar has some great prices of their own too.
go here to see the ad.
5 lb potatoes 88¢
whole chickens 47¢/lb
bananas 34¢/lb
cabbage 33¢/lb
food lion butter $1.88

this weekend, friday, saturday, and sunday, they are having a truckload sale.
extra large shrimp $2.99/lb
(sold in 5 lb bags @$14.95 each)

smart option sandwich bread 68¢
food lion large eggs 68¢
food lion 12" self rising or thin crust pizza bogof ($1.99 each)
smart option ice cream 99¢

finally, bottom dollar has introduced their own brand of $2.99 wine.
they had chardonnay, merlot, white zinfandel, and cabernet sauvignon
here's some information:
Pinecroft Cabernet Sauvignon Our full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon has woody notes of cedar with a hint of vanilla. This smooth Cabernet Sauvignon develops into a lush, silky finish. This timeless wine complements hearty pasta dishes and filet of beef.
Pinecroft Chardonnay Our refreshing Chardonnay displays aromas of apple and peach with a medley of tropical fruit flavors. This well-balanced Chardonnay, ending on a clean and crisp note, is a perfect complement to pan seared chicken or grilled shrimp skewers.
Pinecroft Merlot Our medium-bodied Merlot has enticing aromas of black currant, bing cherries, and toasty vanilla. This enticing Merlot ends with a long, smooth finish. Pair this Merlot with hearty homemade pizza or grilled pork tenderloin.
Pinecroft White Zinfandel Bursting with fresh strawberries and raspberries, this wine has a wonderful hint of sweetness.

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  1. I am not usually a white wine fan, but the chardonnay was really good! Good to know about the price matching. Thanks!