Sunday, November 15, 2009

target trip 11/15 price matching

today i learned about price matching.
i was going to get some kraft marshmallows using the $1/2 target printable and a price match from walmart that would make them $1 each. the normal target price is $1.19.
i went to check out and the cashier told me that price matches have to be done at customer service, but that she could check me out, then i could get the difference refunded.
so, i paid $1.19 x 2 = $2.38 - $1 = $1.38 for 2 or 69¢ each.
then, i go to customer service to get my 38¢ price match refund and the girl is totally confused. when she rings it up to do the price match, it tells her i owe her money.
because of the crazy way the target coupons adjust the price on the receipt, it looks to her like i paid 69¢ each and the walmart price of $1 would increase the price. i laughed and told her not to worry about it, i would just go to customer service first next time.
the moral of the story is, if you have a price match, go to customer service and let them do it!

DD says it's a shame it didn't get the 38¢ back because i probaly could have bought 50 boxes of cereal with it :)

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