Thursday, November 19, 2009

store brand coffee coupon

have you used your crispix 75¢/1 coupon yet?
i posted earlier that HT has this bogof.
use this coupon ($1/1 IE or FF) with it to get some cheap harris teeter coffee.
crispix is $1.82, harris teeter whole bean coffee $3.97.
final price $3.29 for cereal and coffee.

thanks to uummm at hot coupon world.

*note* if you use these 2 coupons together, the second one will beep because it is coded for the crispix. it will need a manager override, not a problem at all at the davidson harris teeter. the cashier i had was a new girl, and she tried to tell me i couldn't use both. i pointed out that the $1 coupon was for the COFFEE. i persisted in a nice way. she called the manager over. the manager rolled her eyes (not at me, at the coupon, apparently she had seen it before) and pushed it right through.

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