Friday, November 6, 2009

cheap shrimp at harris teeter

DH and i took a trip to the davidson harris teeter this morning.
this week, harris teeter has EZ peel white shrimp (51-60 count/lb) on sale for $3.99 in the seafood department.
we got a pound and asked the guy to steam them for us.
while we were waiting, we saw a wine display close by.
on the bottles of wine were $1 off shrimp coupons.
the wine was $11.99 i think, too pricey for me!
so i read the coupon, NO WINE PURCHASE NECESSARY.
we did buy a cheaper bottle of wine, and the coupon did not beep.
if you don't buy wine, just show the cashier that the coupon says you don't have to buy the wine.

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