Tuesday, November 3, 2009

bottom dollar $10/$30

a few weeks ago, i received an email from a reader asking me what i thought of aldi and bottom dollar. i told her that i had shopped at aldi, but had never been in the bottom dollar.
so this weekend, DH and i ran in to pick up one thing.
i noticed that they had a decent produce section.
it's actually a "produce cave" COLD IN THERE!
remember i told you about the $10/$30 coupon i got in the mail from bottom dollar?
i had originally thought that i would use it at harris teeter (that is allowed!) but decided to go to bottom dollar on plaza drive and load up on produce.

coming out of my no spend month, i NEEDED it!

the prices were great i thought.
the quality good to great.
(click on the picture for a closer look!)
and everything i saw was from the USA, which to me means that it is fresher and the pesticide levels are regulated.
here's a few examples:
bananas 39¢/lb
red onion 99¢/lb
yellow squash $1.49/lb
portabella mushroom caps (3 in a pkg) $1.98
cabbage 33¢/lb
grape tomatoes $2.49
baking potatoes 89¢/lb
lemons 33¢
eggplant $1.29/lb
bosc pears $1.29/lb
cucumbers 44¢
roma tomatoes 97¢/lb
celery $1.29
jalepeno peppers 99¢/lb
red grapes $1.99/lb
strawberries $2.49
3 lb yellow onion $1.69
milk $2.33
half and half (16 oz) $1.38

i tried to keep my total at $30, but i went over by $5.36
so, i used my coupon and with tax, paid $25.87 for all that!

*things to know about bottom dollar*
-you must have a membership card to use that coupon. go here to sign up and get a printable one until they mail you the real one. they have an email you can sign up for too.
-they charge for grocery bags (5¢ each), so bring your own or use one of the boxes that they have free at the entrance. produce bags are free.
-they do accept manufacturer coupons. although i think the things i use coupons on i could get cheaper at harris teeter with a sale and double coupons.

so it was a great experience :)
thanks to kim for the tip!

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