Thursday, October 8, 2009

no spend challenge day 8

we are doing pretty well!

my husband's brother invited him to a treat of golf in the mountains today, so in return we had BIL and SIL over for dinner. it is always great to spend time with them. dinner involves a little more planning because BIL is gluten-intolerant.
so i baked the chicken i bought last week at HT. it was lovely! stuffed with a lemon i had and rubbed with olive oil, sprinkled with garlic and onion seasoning.
i had a half a box of quinoa (which is a gluten free grain) and made this recipe for quinoa with chickpeas and tomatoes. it was really good. i substituted a can of diced tomatoes (drained them and used the juice as part of the quinoa cooking water) and topped with feta cheese i had.
also made some mixed veggies and butternut squash topped with maple syrup, walnuts, and butter.
had all that in the freezer.
the only thing i had to buy was a lime for the quinoa recipe!

i went to target today while DD was at her homeschool science class. if you live in the area, the organization is njoyscience. they offer a great biblically-based hands-on program at a reasonable cost.
anyway, used another one of my $5 target gift cards to buy hamburger buns, chicken boullion, sour cream, a lemon, a lime, a box of tissues (had 50¢ up&up coupon from home mailer), and bumble bee tuna pouch (on sale $1 each, coupon $1/1 from got the 5¢ credit for bringing my reusable bag.
total spent 39¢

later i went to food lion to do the mccormick deal again. bought 2 garlics and 2 parsleys. had 4 $1/1 coupons. the cashier was messing with the catalina machine and it was stuck. so i told her i was supposed to get a $3 oyno coupon. there was a guy behind me so she asked me to wait a second. i walked over to the customer service desk, new book over there "seasonal wellness", coupons in back! then the bagger girl came up behind me and handed me $3 cash!
our rocky river promenade food lion is awesome!
also bought a smart option milk which qualified me for a free milk next time i go.
spent $4.72.

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  1. You are doing really well with the no spend challenge.