Sunday, May 24, 2009

sunday shopping part 2 *harris teeter*

finishing up at the mooresville harris teeter.....

*warning!* the managers at the mooresville store are not quite as laid back as the ones at the davidson harris teeter.
case in point:
i tried to do my bogof coupon with a bogof sale.
at the davidson harris teeter, they credited my bill with a full price item. so i ended up with 2 free!
at the mooresville store, she tried to tell me i had to buy 4 in order to get 1 free. i was so bold. i told her "just take it off my bill and i will use my coupon in davidson". can you believe i said that???? so in the end, she took 1/2 of the item price off. better than nothing, but now i will know to save those for davidson :)

they have no 99¢ wholly guacamole in the mooreville store.

i did find out that the lipton tea will still be on sale for triples, so i saved that coupon.

got some free wishbone salad dressing, barilla pasta, 4¢ lipton noodles and sauce, and 14¢ ragu.

they had some beautiful south carolina blueberries for $2.50.

lever soap 6 bars on clearance for 3.94
-manufacturers coupon for 1.50
2.44 for 6 bars of soap

i was hoping they would be sold out of some stuff so i could get some rainchecks to use during triples, but they were pretty well stocked. but i think i'll go to davidson wednesday morning.

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