Thursday, May 28, 2009

harris teeter triples day 2 5/28

i used most of my best coupons yesterday, but still did pretty well today!
went back down to davidson, it's a nice drive :)
they were still very well stocked. only thing i wanted that they were out of was mitchum deodorant (in a man scent) and all they had were powder and unscented.
i got:
hefty cups
dial hand soap
viva big roll paper towels
dawn dish detergent
french's honey mustard
4 yakisoba ramen noodles
big jar smuckers jam
spray n wash
3 cans texas pete chili
1 bag pretzels
2 bags grande tortilla chips
skinitimate shaving gel
kings hawaiian sandwich rolls
pepperidge farm hamburger rolls
nature's pride bread
eggo waffles
alexia garlic bread
oscar mayer shaved turkey

total 57.30
saved 47.50
oop 9.80!

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