Thursday, May 21, 2009

harris teeter 5/21

i love the davidson harris teeter. everyone is so nice and they are STOCKED!

here are the highlights of what i got:

trident gum 1.19
-75 coupon doubled

hefty ez grip cups 2.79 (sale)
-75 q doubled

4 bbq kraft bbq sauce 5$
2 1$ coupons
2 75¢ coupons doubled (up to 1.25)
price for 4 50¢
plus got a 2$ oyno catalina!

quaker rice snacks quakes 3/5$
-3 1$/1 coupons
price for 3 $2 (67¢ each)
trying to use up those coupons i got off ebay :)

cottonelle 6 double rolls 4.50
-75¢ coupon doubled

ragu pasta sauce bogof (1.34)
-60¢ coupon doubled

chi chi salsa bogof (1.64)
-55¢ coupon doubled

wheat thins artisian crackers bogof (reg price 3.79)
buy two and use the bogof coupon and get both for free!
yes, they credit the receipt with 3.79!

wholly guacamole is on sale for 99¢
use the buy one guac, get salsa free coupon and get the salsa (3.69) free
so 99¢ for guac and salsa
these are in the produce department.

if you have any amy's coupons, i got veggie burgers (on sale for 3$, reg price 5.39...a good buy even without a coupon!)
i had a 75¢ coupon doubled so 1.50 for me :)
i usually get these coupons at bloom or food lion in their free magazine "nature's place"

9 lives cat food bogof (2.54)
-75¢ coupon doubled

lipton pasta sides bogof (1.59/2)
-75 coupon doubled
.09¢ for 2

wishbone dressing bogof (1.49 each)
-75¢ coupon doubled

nature's pride bread 2.19
-55¢ coupon doubled

i got a few other things and overall i spent 25.29$
i saved 78.38!
i think that's a record :)

things that will still be on sale next week for triples:
edge shaving gel
suave naturals shampoo
soft soap hand soap
dial hand soap and bars
smuckers jelly and jam
the girls at hot coupon world got the ad for next week already too. go here.

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