Friday, May 22, 2009

target preview ad for 5/24 and price adjustments

here's the ad for this weekend courtesy of neekyme at saavy dollar.

also, as i looked at the ad i remembered something i learned a long time ago when my son worked at target. target will do a price adjustment for any item you bought within the last 1-7 days!
from their website:
Price Adjustments
If you see a lower price listed in one of our Target Weekly Ads, we may be able to adjust the price of your online order to match the advertised price. Please note: You must have purchased the item within 1-7 days prior to the ad and you must contact us during the Weekly Ad where the lower price is featured. Also, we cannot adjust for a lower price on clearance items.

this is from the help center. other research i have done says they will honor any purchase made in the last 14 days. but you have to go to the store while the item is on sale.

so, if you happened to buy a really cute shirt for a birthday present last week and had to pay full price, you can get a little money back this week (if you saved your receipt!).

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