Thursday, February 25, 2010

mooresville help 4 haiti

last night, our fellowship group went over to lakeside park to package meals for those in haiti.
we really didn't know what to expect.
we had to bring $5 for the cost of the "food".
did you know that $5 will provide 20 meals for a child?
there were about 300 people on our shift.
5 members of our group gathered around a table where we scooped soy, dehydrated vegetables, vitamin powder and rice into a small bag.
then there were kids who would come and pick up the bags, deliver them to another table where they were weighed, and finally heat-sealed.
it was an amazing production!
we were the final shift for the night and the grand total of meals packaged was over 125,ooo.
these will be in haiti within the next 2 weeks.
check out the website for this event here.
and please consider a donation!
even $1 would provide 4 meals for a kid :)

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