Thursday, December 30, 2010

product review "slap ya mama" seasoning

i have the BEST neighbors in the world.
(hi don and wendy!)
a few months back, they visited family in louisiana.
they brought me the most awesome, basic, good-on-everything seasoning called, "slap ya mama".
it is a combination of salt, black pepper, red pepper, and garlic.
no extra junk.
perfect for A LOT of things i cook!
so, when i started to run low on this magic, i asked neighbor don, "can you get me some more?????"
unfortunately, it comes from louisiana :( may be a while.
because God loves me so much...
it came to pass that i ran into my sister- and brother-in-law at the local walmart.
(hi shannon and david!)
we were standing there chatting when david says, "slap ya mama"?????
there is was, in my own backyard!
priced at around $3.
use it on your meat and veggies and eggs and pasta and salads and dips and everything else :)
*it's near the hot sauce.