Thursday, April 29, 2010

harris teeter $20 grocery credit for new/transferred prescriptions!

i got an amazing surprise at harris teeter today.

you may have noticed at the bottom of your harris teeter receipts a blurb that states, "new pharmacy customer reward! coupon off your next $20 purchase, up to 5 transferred or new RX at this HT only, thru 8/31/10. see pharmacy for details."

i read this and thought that you had to have 5 prescriptions for the $20.
since DS had his wisdom teeth removed on apr 2, i had filled 3 prescriptions for him on apr 1.
so i decided to transfer my little antibiotic prevention prescription to HT and then maybe get to the 5 before 8/31.
i had it all wrong!
when i picked up my prescription, the pharmacist (preeti, who is very sweet, knowledgeable, and helpful) said, " i have good news!". i love how the folks at the davidson HT adore their customers :)
i knew that i wouldn't have to pay out of pocket, because that's how our insurance works.
i said, "it's free?"
she said, "yes, and you get a $20 credit for groceries!"
now i was confused.
i knew that i had only had 4 prescriptions.
she explained to me, "you get $20 for each prescription, up to 10 per household."
so, i asked her about my son's prescriptions, filled on april 1st.
she checked her computer, while asking me, "he had his wisdom teeth out, right?"
again, i love my davidson HT.
she said, "yes, you get $20 for each of those prescriptions too, we just didn't have the punch cards when you had them filled!"
so i ended up with $80 in credits for groceries.
so in 10 minutes, i went from only looking for the "free with coupon items" (tomorrow is payday, nuf said), to "how can i spend $20?"
*you can only redeem one $20 reward per transaction.
of course i had my list, ready for payday, and all my coupons.
so i ended up spending $3.52 for $81.72 worth of groceries!
and my cashier was genuinely happy for me.
the end.
until tomorrow.

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  1. Oh my, Oh my, you lucky duck. That is just the best! So happy for you!