Monday, March 1, 2010

target 2/28-3/6

target lists for the week:
southern savers

*also, did i tell you about the target text coupons?
you can sign up here.
they send you a text, and then you go to a website on your phone (so you have to have internet on your phone for this to work).
then a barcode shows up on your phone screen and the cashier scans it!
you should have seen the look on the cashiers face when i tried to explain it to her.
she had never heard of it.
then the manager came over.
she said i was the first one to do it!
it worked!
so i was able to use the target printable, the target text, and i also had a manufacturer coupon for $1/2 kraft cheese. the two target coupons came off, but the man. Q didn't even show up :(
but i was too tired to go back in.

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