Friday, March 26, 2010

my splurge for today

i found a great deal on maple syrup.
not hungry jack, the REAL stuff.
this is what i use for cooking.
you can use it for sweet potatoes, salmon, dressings, glazes, creams, frostings, etc.
try substituting maple syrup for brown sugar, yum!
we use the cheap stuff for pancakes and the like, but a tablespoon or two of the real deal is essential when cooking.
maple syrup contains minerals too!
amazon has this 32 oz organic grade B syrup for $14.31 when you sign up for "subscribe and save". i always use this "s&s" to get the lowest price, you can cancel at any time. they will email you before the next shipment, so you have time to cancel, or you can cancel as soon as you get your first order!
here's the link.

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