Saturday, February 20, 2010

harris teeter super's it going?

so, how are you doing with super doubles?
i have made three trips so far and doing pretty well.
on wednesday, i took the 2-year-old i have been babysitting, and i want to tip my hat to all you moms with toddlers. she was good, but it's just harder to concentrate!
i spent around $9 and walked out without my receipt, came home and ate 1/2 a box of wheatables.
friday-had a great trip.
spent 26.87, saved 85.95.
this included the sashimi tuna $5.99/lb (they were awesome), cod fillets $4.98/lb, and a hormel pork tenderloin. they were out of stock on some freebies.
today, saturday, went early, 9ish.
did you know that the harris teeter in davidson gets a truck delivery friday night?
so saturday morning is an excellent time to go.
they had lots of meats on clearance.
spent 14.07, saved 67.09.
stock was great.
here are some things i have been buying:

chinet 20 plastic cups $1.50
use the $1/1 printable here.

yoplait whips 50¢ each.
use the 60¢/3 printable here.
10¢ each

kelloggs fruit snacks (my kids still love these) $2.19
use the $1/1 printable here.

emerald trail mix breakfast blend bogo at $1.49 each
(these are near the raisins)
use the $1/50/2 Emerald Nuts product, any 5 oz+ - 01-31-10 SS
2 for free

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  1. thanks for the tips; some good stuff I was missing