Saturday, February 6, 2010

do you ever feel a little embarrassed???

do you ever feel a little embarrassed about
what's in your shopping cart?
this weeks harris teeter trip was a cart full of coffee, goldfish, plastic cups, butter, cream cheese*, and popcorn.
how can we eat meals from that?
we don't!
here's the bulk of our diet, from bottom dollar.
produce prices this week:
1 lb carrots 99¢
strawberries $2 (i had some driscoll's coupons!)
cabbage 59¢/lb
acorn squash 99¢/lb
sweet potatoes 69¢/lb
red pepper $2.49/lb
jalepeno peppers $1.59/lb
lemons 35¢
cucumbers 99¢/lb
sweet onions 99¢/lb
red onion 99¢/lb
avocados 75¢
limes 19¢
mango 98¢
bananas 39¢/lb
cilantro 69¢
green leaf lettuce $1.59
button mushrooms $1.69
zucchini $1.99/lb
yellow squash $1.99/lb
gala apples 3 lb $2.47
other items:
butter $1.87
marie's chunky blue cheese dressing
(for our wings tomorrow) $2.99
01-31-10 SS $1.00/1
16 oz half and half $1.38
gallon milk $2.33
1/2 gallon milk $1.71
FL canned veggies 74¢

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  1. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. The week I bought 8 boxes of cereal in one trip I was trying to hide them in my cart. Thanks for teaching me to be an extreme couponer. It is great. I am really getting the hang of it thanks to you...what fun!