Saturday, February 13, 2010

gagliardo's grill express

427 East Statesville Ave

Suite 100

Mooresville, NC 28115


DH and i had an impromptu valentine's date to the new gagliardo's grill express last night for dinner. DS went to the basketball game and DD got a last minute babysitting offer for her favorite 2 year old.
so, we decided to finally go to gagliardo's.
we have missed it!
we used to love that place when it was open a couple years ago.
we are thrilled that troy and his wife tracy have re-opened the restaurant.
reasons we LOVE gagliardo's:
-it's like 3 minutes from our house. located close to the old hospital.
-we saw so many folks we know, it really is a neighborhood grill.
-the food is amazing and since the food is grilled, there are lots of healthy options, if you choose that route :)
-the remodeled restaurant has the grill right there at the counter where you order. cozy. especially with the snow on friday night.
-with the new set up, the service was super fast. the way they do it now, you walk up to the counter, order your meal and pay, and then sit down and they bring the food to you.
-excellent tea, free refills!
-it's so wonderful to see a family working together.
troy and his bride tracy (i think they were high school sweethearts <3 ) were there with their two daughters.
-they do takeout too.

menu page 1
menu page 2

11 am- 9 pm
11 am-10 pm
4 pm- 10 pm

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  1. the 2 year old had a blast and has been wearing "Whitney braids" since Friday night!