Wednesday, January 6, 2010

harris teeter kraft cheese catalina...did it work for you?

angie emailed me to say that she tried the kraft cheese catalina this morning and it did not print for her. she says the store said they didn't have any information about it. apparently lots of folks are having trouble. there is new topic on hot coupon world tracking this.
go here to read it.
here's the details that i have from the blogs:
Buy 5 Kraft Cheese products b/w 1/1/10 and 1/24/10 and receive a $5 oyno coupon

All items must be purchased in one order.

Included products (6 oz or larger unless otherwise specified):
Kraft singles
Kraft Parm. Cheese
Kraft Natural cheese (chunks, shredded, crumbles [5 oz], sticks, cubes)
Kraft String-ums
Kraft Cracker Cuts
Kraft Deli Deluxe cheese slices
Philadelphia ready-to-eat cheesecake filling
Philadelphia cream cheese
Velveeta cheese product
Cracker Barrel cheese
Cheese Whiz process cheese
Breakstones' sour cream
Breakstones' cottage cheese
Knudsen sour cream
Knudesen cottage cheese

if you have tried and succeeded, or tried and failed...please leave a comment or email me with the store you went to and what you bought.
thanks for helping to crack the case!

jane reports that at the perth road store, she did not try the catalina, but did get a printout telling about it. so it really does exist!

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